New year, a new journey. Hello i'm ThomasVR.eth

Happy New Year Everyone, I’m ThomasVR.eth, I just registered a domain name and have been researching ENS in depth for a short time (That’s why recently I asked NickGTP a lot of questions). I want to become a member of the community as well as contribute to the development of the project. I am living in Singapore - Vietnam and can help spread the word through AMA sessions with the communities here, Participate in workshops, Support ENS at exhibition booths in the SE Asia region… This is a potential market with a large population with the highest Crypto adoption rate in the world and I believe that in the near future everyone will have at least one .eth address to represent their identity on Web3.

I used to be an Ambassador for a domain name project but left the project about 4 months ago (You can check the highlights on my Twitter if you’re curious which project is it). My way of working may not be suitable for their community, I spent 24/7 on the project, worked even on weekends and cared about the project like it was my own project. It was a great project with great people but I wasn’t fit with the way they operating and developing the “Community”, that’s why I left the project. It’s a long story I’ll tell about it later :grin:

Currently I am working full time for a Virtual Reality glasses company, the remaining free time I want to spend on ENS, where i can connect with friends aroud the world, be a speaker in conferences and AMAs. help develop communities in Southeast Asia and then Asia, that’s my goal this year. If you have any advice or questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you!


Welcome ThomasVR.eth

It’s great that you show interest in ENS !
I looked at your twitter. You seem to be well connected with the Binance Community. That’s great!
What feature of ENS has your attention or what do you like most about ENS?

Now that you have decided to spend your free time contributing; lets get some badges earned on your profile.

Badges are a feature on the discuss forum framework. You can earn them by achieving milestones that reflect your activity on the page.

I suggest a couple of easy tasks that will give you two badges:

Some other in-house by-laws

  • This will help you understand the structure of those who have specific roles (admins, stewards, etc.) About

  • Find frequently asked questions and Code of Conduct FAQ / CoC ToS

  • @cap made these two videos on delegation Delegation Tutorial

:e-mail: : open.

Hi there, nice to meet u.
I’m using both Coinbase and Binance. What I like most about ENS is that now we can use .eth for multiple chains, without having to have too many domain name in each different chain. How about you, what do you like most about ENS?

Thank you so much for the advice, I just followed you back on Twitter.

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Personally, I would say:

Interoperability and ability to remain pseudonymous yet retain an identifiable node element that offers transparency through a publicly accessible ledger of financial records on decentralized blockchain networks.

Pleasure to meet & connect!! :mechanical_arm: :seedling:

Consider turning notifications on,
for the two (2) official twitter profiles:

I look forward to seeing your work,
…and potentially working together!

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Got it, keep Building :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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