NFT Avatar Image Not Resolving

Describe the bug
Avatar image is not resolving.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I followed the on medium, can’t post the url (account too new) and the record is updated and correct but the image does not load.

I own the avatar.

Followed this format: eip155:1/[NFT standard]:[contract address for NFT collection]/[token ID]

ens: whoismoses.eth
avatar: eip155:1/erc721:0x3a5051566b2241285BE871f650C445A88A970edd/6599
contract address: 0x3a5051566b2241285be871f650c445a88a970edd — can’t post full url, too new of an account
tokenURI: – Yea I know, github, FML

Expected behavior
I’d expect to see the image of my avatar in my ens record and when I connect my wallet to ens service.


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I’m aware this isn’t helpful, but I’m having a similar problem.
The things I’ve been able to find point to the possibilities of fractionalized nfts not working properly and also just sometimes certain nfts just don’t work.
I’m not an expert but the more I look into it the more I’m seeing that there are people working on optimization for nft avatar support, so it’s just going to be a process.
For my part I’m going to wait a while before trying to fix it or use another nft… at least until gas fees are more manageable :no_mouth:

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I have similar problem. I believe i configured all details properly. Image is showing in details tab but not on OpenSea or anywhere else. My other ENS domain configured the same works just fine. What I am doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

It’s showing now:

It may have taken some time for the metadata to refresh. It’s also showing on OpenSea.

A quick test I find helpful is to see what will show, by visiting this link for instance:

Adding “” to any name will pull up a a public ENS profile derived from the wallet and records for the ENS name. It integrates with the avatar record and some social records.

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