SVG Avatar does not resolve


I’m not sure why but it seems that my avatar does not seem to resolve. Maybe it’s a similar issue? If it’s relevant the avatar is an on chain NFT that is stored as a svg data uri.

ENS Link: ENS App
NFT Link: opensea [dot] io/assets/0xb73f32b73f2ce5e124986c7acf8f1af81a5a9bb6/0
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You are using the wrong link. Please see the tutorial here: Step-by-Step Guide to Setting an NFT as your ENS Profile Avatar | by brantly.eth | The Ethereum Name Service | Medium

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Thanks for the reply, to be clear I am using a link based on the guide:


But, regardless, it seems to be working now. I assume it must be some caching issue since even the asset link kept loading when I was checking it a couple hours ago.