Notes: ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Jan 12th, 2023 @ 2PM ET

Notes: ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Jan 12th, 2023 @ 2PM ET

Notes from ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Thursday, January 12th, 2023 @ 2PM ET

Hosted by @sadaf.eth and @zadok7

This space featured a presentation by Chris and David from Console and a short presentation about .ART. The space was not recorded.


Presented by Chris / castig.eth and David Leiberman

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Console was started about one year ago. It takes components from web3 including ENS and IPFS to create a community platform based on web3 principles.

Creators and communities have hit a wall when it comes to owning their content or having any say in the platform they use. This is a key problem that Console seeks to address. It aims to utilize ENS to allow users to own their content.

Console is a “decentalized, open source, secure, and community-owned web3 alternative to Discord.” It allows people to come together to chat, host events, share documents, collaborate, and more.

How does Console integrate ENS?
ENS is one tool that Console provides to verify user identity on the platform. Console is multi-chain, but on Ethereum, ENS felt like the obvious choice to utilize. There are many benefits that ENS provides, including allowing ownership of usernames. ENS provides one global username that you can trust that you own. It can be used to verify identity across platforms that integrate ENS.

Identity and social networks are a fundamental part of web3, and users should be able to own theirs without being stuck inside of only one platform. Similar to having an email address which can be used to communicate with users on any email platform.

How can ENS be used for token gating?
When a user creates a Console community, they can set up a required verification for it. With Ethereum communities, you can choose to use .eth names to verify identity. Other verification methods include using any other chosen NFT(s). Similar to a membership card, smart contracts can be used to tie people together in communities. Since NFT ownership is tracked in a decentralized database, it can not be taken down or changed without direct input from the owner. With blockchain technology, users can be confident that they own their digital identity.

Will Console support the ENS Name Wrapper?
We are still learning about the Name Wrapper and how we might implement it.

(@sadaf.eth) Subdomains can be used to token gate communities and verify identities in the same way that ENS names are currently implemented. The Name Wrapper will also allow issuers to airdrop or issue subdomains directly to their community, which they can fully own as an NFT.

(@zadok7) The Name Wrapper will enable subdomain functionality including burning fuses to ensure that permissions can’t be revoked or modified by the parent domain, if desired.

Is Console planning to implement a call or video call feature?
Yes, we would love to implement that.

How does Console integrate ENS data records?
We would like to incorporate the ability for Console to display these data records including Twitter name, Discord, wallet addresses, etc., within chat.

Will it be possible to log in with an account on one chain and my Console account reflect the information from my account(s) on a different chain?
We are currently only on two chains (Ethereum and Stacks), but in the future we will be implementing additional chains. It will be seamlessly integrated to allow users to connect a variety of different wallets to a single account on Console with one private key/password.

Is your intention to allow cross-chain integration?
Yes, we aim to be a multi-chain platform that allows communication across many ecosystems.

Will Console allow for custom landing pages for token gated features/communities?
That is on our road map. The ability to token gate chat rooms is already available. Community leaders can set up verification and user roles of their choosing. Over time that could go into metadata from NFTs, additional tokens, external APIs, and more. Roles have a lot of potential.

Will imported DNS domains be able to access Console the same way that .eth names can?
Our idea would be to continue to support decentralized identities. We are chain agnostic. If DNS names are imported into ENS, it should be easy to integrate.

Is there a date for a public release?
First week of February we will announce a room (Console HQ) that all can join to provide feedback. From there we would like to start bringing more communities online.


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.art #ENS names with emojis

.art names are DNS names ending with .art that are fully imported into ENS.

We have completely updated our smart contract to the latest ENS standard, allowing .art to be recognized the same way as .eth.

Whatever platforms support .eth will also support .art at the protocol level.


This is incredible. Thank you so much for doing this for us Daylon! We were at such a loss when we realized the space wasn’t recorded. Cherry on the day!


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