Phase 2 - Fulfill ENS Tokenomics (Draft Proposal)

Shouldn’t this be accessible if ENS is truly “decentralized”
Last I checked all this information is made public for publicly traded companies (which are not decentralized)

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Nobody is forcing you to do anything in the first place. I think anyone who has tenure in this project has volunteered their time at one point or another. Compensating person(s) for creating a proposal and because they take the time to push it doesn’t seem feasible. That would mean anyone could just come on to the forum and write up some ridiculous unachievable proposal, go pretend to push the agenda behind it and then expect to get paid.

All of these points were have been addressed

based off what articulate facts?

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Quick Question for research purposes: First, I applaud your consistency with engagement. I can respect that. With confidence, are you confirming that the token has ONLY been used for voting and in no other reward mechanism?

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The governance token has one purpose. That purpose is that 1 token is weighted to 1 vote.
The token being distributed to ‘as a reward’ is not a mechanism of the token itself and isn’t defined in the contract or anywhere else.

Each working group has requested ENS tokens to distribute at their discretion in their budget proposals. However the stewards decide to distribute them is up to them.

Is there some further context about research/reward regarding ENS tokens ?

This response helps. Duly noted.

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Can anyone assist with pointing me in the direction where I can obtain the ENS distribution data from the above response?

I am not sure what wallets were used to execute these types of distributions.



The only way funds can leave the DAO’s wallet (0xFe89cc7aBB2C4183683ab71653C4cdc9B02D44b7) is via an on-chain proposal, which gets voted on by owners of $ENS and their chosen delegates.

Delegations happen on the $ENS token contract, 0xC18360217D8F7Ab5e7c516566761Ea12Ce7F9D72.

The creation of proposals and casting of votes is done via 0x323a76393544d5ecca80cd6ef2a560c6a395b7e3, the ENS Governor contract.

There are a number of websites that make on-chain governance data easier to follow, one of which is Tally. The latest request of $ENS from Working Groups can be found here.