POAP Design Contest

The Communty Working group is hosting a bounty for a POAP design. This contest is being run until May 19th on the POAPathon Discord. The winner will be selected based upon the artwork which receives the most votes. If there is not a clear winner, we may chose to extend the contest or conduct a poll in this thread.

What is a POAP?

“POAPs are minted as an attestation to a collector’s attendance (physical, virtual, or spiritual) at an event; a gift from issuers to collectors which acknowledge the non-material (and yet, invaluable) contributions that members of a community contribute to its collective health. POAPs can be issued for special events and memorable moments of all sizes, physically or virtually, provided good cause to do a drop.”

What is a POAPathon?

POAPathon is not POAP. They are a third-party web3 design service that runs bounties to create POAPS, NFTS, or any other artwork.

Artwork Specs

  • PNG or APNG format
  • Must not exceeds the size of 200 kb.
  • 500x500 px
  • Round Shape

Contest Conduct

I want to keep this open to our community, but I also want to solicit high quality submissions from their designers. We are guests on their server, please make an effort to find your own answers to questions before pinging their moderators. :sweat_smile:

If graphic design is something you have experience with, head on over to the POAPathon Discord and navigate to the active bounty channels. :point_down:


@Coltron.eth I have been unable to access the discord server and additionally unable to converse with the mods regarding the matter of my submission for the POAP scheduled to be drawn on May 19th 2022. Has anyone got a fix to join the POAP discord server and subsequently post up our submission.

Last version for Team ENS. POAP ENS.png — Kapwing


If you’re also Leper Colony on Discord, they may have kicked you for posting a large embed in the competition channel. I was also confused by the post. We are guests in their discord, and I would recommend anyone get acquainted with standard decorum.

I appreciate the work and time you put forth here, but this artwork is not formatted properly and does not follow the style guidelines. The competition is only open on the POAPathon server, and we will not be considering forum entries.


I’ve never been in this channel, and I am “timed out” for 28 days… :thinking:

@daylon.eth Which channel?

What the link goes to. Maybe channel isn’t the right word, I’m a Discord boomer.

I changed the link, try now.

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Cool I threw something together.


@Coltron.eth I can assure you that I have not as yet graced the POAP discord channel. Please may you send me another link to their discord, or inquire as to why I can not join? It is my dream to place an entry in before 19th May 2019.

As to the art-work Hexagonitron, is a mystic character created from a hexagon a six-sided shape, member of the polygon family and I have backed the image up with ELO Mr BlueSky. I will re-read the style guidelines to ensure that my art-work conforms to all regulations. I can assure you that it isn’t modern it is pre-modernity and uses primitive methods in the process of building it. Further more, yes I can confirm that I am The Leper Colony#0443 on discord and I am not a developer, but consider myself to be a marketeer.

I want to take this juncture to reflect my gratitude for you getting back to me on this important matter and any suggestions from you or members of ENS that could provide feedback on my artwork would be much appreciated.

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Thank you for your enthusiasm. The discord link is at the top.

Thematically, I’m not sure how you will successfully incorporate your current design. I am aim to adhere to the ENS DAO color scheme, not ENS. Your design does not use the purple ENS DAO gradient.

The supplied assets and guidelines are in their discord.

@Coltron.eth I have amended the colour design, size and I have additionally embedded the character in the ENS laurel so as to adhere to the competition guidelines so that my work is fit and proper. The link is not working for me. I understand you have time constraints on this project but, may you clarify why I am not able to join this esteemed project using the link provided? Regards, Oliver

@daylon.eth would it be possible you could add my entry on the discord channel and entitle it Hexagonitron by Oliver Derrick Cowley

and an inhouse future concept for an advertisment taken out during primetime hours on youtube or T.V. ENS POAP DAO.png — Kapwing

I can, but it needs to be a circle.

@daylon.eth That is incredibly accommodating of you Daylon. I have attached my entry for the POAP competition below. If you could message me when it’s uploaded I would be in your debt.

ENS POAP Oliver Cowley Entry 16.05.2022
Copyright Oliver Cowley 2022.


No problem, I posted it with your title and name.

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Good evening Daylon, any update on the POAP competition, did I receive any feedback. A screenshot would be truly appreciated.



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@Crypty No votes on your design yet.

This is the current top voted submission.

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Winner Chosen!!

We selected a winner on our Community Steward Call this morning. This design was a crowd favorite on the call, and it received a lot of love on POAPathon Discord.

The winning design and the runner ups have been notified. Thank you for everyone’s participation. If you’re in NYC around ETHNewYork, find a DAO steward to claim.


So stoked to collect one of these!

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