Proposal to Correct ENS Transfer to ENS Token Contract

Hello, ENS DAO Governance Forum,

I’ll start by saying I’m stupid and made a novice mistake. After buying a new phone, I was nervous about the $ENS tokens I received for purchasing an ENS name early and not moving to my new phone. I have two ENS Names now. While attempting to do this, I transferred my 124.194 tokens back to the ENS Token contract. Again, I’m dumb and not very technical.

You can see the transaction on showing that the tokens were received in 2021 before going back from the receiving wallet 0x59e58E2C59D52F9622C87d65ef0bEd1C34afee4A back to ENS: ENS Token 0xC18360217D8F7Ab5e7c516566761Ea12Ce7F9D72 transaction link

I immediately contacted, who informed me there is no process for this, but I could submit a proposal. December got very hectic, but I was approved for access and am now making my plea. December was very chaotic for me, but better to attempt late than never.

From what I’ve seen from past mistakes, the return of tokens requires a proposal and enough votes from the community. There is also a gas fee that I am happy to pay, donate to a cause, or whatever will help amend my idiocracy. It is not a new wallet, but the same wallet that originally received and transferred the tokens. My wallet even has an ENS name.

If there is anything that can be done to amend my stupidity, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your time.



I can support this; don’t see why not;
(sending back to the “sending-wallet”, only;
and not to anyone’s new-address, to prevent funny business).

Maybe there could be a process for this,
like once per year for anyone it had happened to.

Also note: I am not a tax person,
but there may be tax implications for anyone who gets their tokens back.

But yeah, you would need the support of a full decentralized ENS DAO proposal, vote, and quorum, in the proposals favor.

I hate to read that you accidentally did this. It does happen from time to time. Although I do not have the authority to provide you with a solution to your plea / request, I do have a few suggestions that will (hopefully) help you in the future.

  1. ) As I’m sure you now know that ( most of the time, assets will not be recoverable when sent to the wrong address). There are edge cases that would allow a wrong transaction, depending on the situation, the ability to do so outlined in the contract solidity, evidence, etc etc, you get the point.

2.) I would encourage you to read more in-depth about how Ethereum Accounts and Transactions work at the code level. This should paint a picture of how those operations work on a technical and hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.

( I started writing this pre @garypalmerjr response so, by default i might be unintentionally overlapping points he made )


All ENS tokens sent to the ENS token contract are recoverable by the DAO. It’s definitely not worth the DAO’s while to pass an executable proposal for one lost token transfer of 124 tokens - but you should be able to petition the Metagov Stewards @AvsA @5pence.eth @estmcmxci to refund you out of WG funds, given they can later be recovered en-masse when there are enough stuck funds to warrant an executable proposal.


This seems like a pretty sound and reasonable approach.

@tman64 - I assume this would be acceptable to you as well? If so, give us a moment to confirm some details and make sure we have a consensus. :+1:


I think a better approach would be @accessor.eth suggestion of once in a while refunding all tokens sent to ENS DAO. It would probably be better to do it from the Metagov indeed as it would require less voting (and then we can simply add that as a line item on the budget request).

AFAIK there’s no legitimate reason to send tokens to the token.ensdao.eth : I suspect someone who wants to donate to the DAO would do it to wallet.ensdao.eth. Should we try to do a system in which we try to figure out all the tokens sent to the contract and treat all of them as accidents?


This really is a gray area and I believe it should be discussed and defined. The difficult part is to determine intent on each individual deposit. It’s uncommon for someone to request for return via the DAO forum. I remember another case I remember where a person sent I think like 20k USD in USDC to the registration contract? I can’t remember exactly. (if anyone knows what the outcome of that was. I can’t find the reference).

May I Suggest

All requests shall follow :

It should be done with caution** !

  • screenshot showing custody of wallet.
  • must pay for gas at the average gwei rate for the previous 7 days or current (which ever is better).
  • 25% return fee on tokens.
    (25% fee can go into a pool designated for an award of some kind)
  • Return of token shall only be sent to the address that sent them. (no questions asked) **.

Requests with an amount over $10,000 **

  • must be made public as a forum post
  • All details pertaining to the accidental deposit must be made public for delegates and DAO members to view.
  • shall be included in the the next scheduled voting period.

Even though I have complete faith in ENS’ smart contract writers. I do not think it would be necessary to implement an automatic return of any kind for obvious reasons.

** = @garypalmerjr

This would be an unpredictable expense in the purest definition. I’m not sure how we could ever budget for it in advance.

Yes, if we are refunding from a different wallet, we shouldn’t automate the return unless we put several limits around total amount and timing. An annual or semi-annual review would probably be sufficient unless we find this becomes a common occurrence (which it doesn’t seem to be at this time).

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yeah, a mid term scheduled task seems sufficient. should it be a requirement to request for return?

I support this.

We can consider how to establish a protocol for refunds of this nature, should it become more commonplace.

Funds should only be sent to the wallet-address that made the error, which the funds were sent from; and not to a user new/different address.


Thank you, @nick.eth & @5pence.eth, and all parties. I appreciate everyone’s input and assistance because of my mistake. It is very reasonable, and I’m sorry for the additional work due. I’ll petition the Metagov Stewards @AvsA @5pence.eth @estmcmxci, who are on this page.

Receiving the $ENS tokens was an unexpected surprise. My first ENS name was purchased because I thought it was fun, and the need to name wallets made sense and felt practical.

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