Proposals for ENS community development

Competitors are necessary for every race, it helps us stay focused and keep moving forward because we know our competitors are trying to catch up with us. with the recent rise of Social Fi and Web3. Besides, there is the birth of dozens of domain names. we have seen .bnb for Bnb Chain, .sol for Solana, .arb for Arbitrum, .sei for seinetwork, .inj for Injective, .manta for Manta network…The common point of these domains is that they are Ethereum’s competitors, they all want to achieve the title “Ethereum Killer”. I consider this a peaceful and fair competition that will help ENS continue to move forward and affirm its leading role in the Domain Name market.

I have had time to contribute to domain name projects, I know how they work and how they operate the community, know their strengths and weaknesses. I’m enlightened, Ethereum and ENS are more than just domains and blockchain to me. It is also cultural, decentralized, democratic and freedom. I hope these proposals can be discussed next Thursday so that we can work together and find the most optimal solution to help develop our community. Here are my proposals:

_ ENS should have campaigns on Galxe and Zealy. It includes tasks to claim NFTs, OATs, and lottery rewards, this is one of the effective marketing campaigns. You can see that Base chain and Coinbase Wallet are having campaigns on Galxe.

_ We should to host weekly AMAs on twitter. AMA sessions scheduled in advance and announced to the community. Audience attend & retweet about it will have a chance to participate in the lottery. To attract more Audience, there will be guests who are our integration partners

_ We should integrate with more projects, especially Gamefi and Socialfi projects, which are projects with large users. Cooperating with them will benefit both sides

_ Build community pages for each region and post articles about ENS on socical network regularly, select Ambassadors and send them to connect with blockchain and trading communities in the region. Organizing AMA sessions, attending offline events and open exhibition booths will help ENS gain more influence.

_ Deduct a portion of profits each quarter to buy back ENS tokens and burn them. It will help traders pay attention to ENS, made liquidity and reduce inflation, as well as give holders a reason to hold ENS.

_ Diversify products on Merch Store, can use ENS for payment (ENS token needs to be used for something, not just voting DAO)

We have a great team and a strong community, working and building together will help us go even further. I have faith in ENS and Ethereum


I don’t believe that the ENS DAO X spaces are purpose made for marketing. Historically, we have organized these spaces to communicate with our Delegates about various proposals and DAO initiatives, including the Service Provider Nominations (h/t @Limes), ENS Small Grants (h/t @vegayp) and Endowment discussions. You are more than welcome to host your own X space. If there is a way the DAO can appropriately support it, then it will.

Tagging @marta who is the Director of Business Development at ENS Labs. Although I’m not sure about their current capacity for community collaborations, I do believe it would be worthwhile to consider a community-led, ‘DAO-blessed’ activation.

We’re already doing this! Have you read about the Large Grant series by the Public Goods Working Group? Here is the first article we published last month: ENS DAO Journal | Wild Futures with Maggie Love (h/t @letfrz)

$ENS is designed for voting on social and executable proposals. You can sell it too if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend primarily viewing this particular ERC-20 as a ‘memecoin’, so to speak. Besides, we have enough attention already!


Thank you for your useful information, really appreciate. sorry if my proposals are sometimes a bit silly, I’m a new guy and still researching the project. All I know is that I’m going contribute to our project and become part of the community. To be able to do that I need to ask a lot of questions and listen to friends’s opinions. :grin:

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Not at all! I believe that these kind of dialogues are an important and necessary part of learning how to contribute to the DAO. For starters, you may want to bookmark the Term 5 Dashboard. It lists a plethora of resources for bright participants such as yourself to help you understand how to be an effective contributor. Looking forward to your participation at the upcoming Ecosystem Working Group call.

just want to thank you again, I have read all the links you sent above. I already know what to focus on. I need to come up with a specific strategy for ensvn.eth and convince the delegates to vote for me. If I get grant I can expand my project. So the meeting next week is very important & I need to prepare for it.

You know the reason I left the old project was because it lacked democracy, everything was unclear and corrupt. ENS shows me democracy and fairness. Now I have the opportunity to carry out my unfinished project.

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great to see how enthusiastic you are about contributing to ENS! btw another great place for ENS feedback is


Good luck moving ideas forward!!
Pro Tip: Be the change you want to see.
Note: Professionally, I would be willing to help you with some of these initiatives;
…such as Twitter AMAs, Gamefi/Socialfi Biz Dev, and building community content w/ my resources.

Each of the ENS DAO Working Groups have their leadership,
…But I am independent from the ENS DAO systems.

Thanks for the advice, looking for opportunities to work together to develop the project

Thank you, appreciate it. It would be great to have foreign members of ENS participate in AMA with me in the future. The AMA sessions here are quite crowded and they are quite friendly. Vietnam is a country with a large population and crypto adoption rate in the top 5 in the world. If I have a chance, I will tell more about it.


In my opinion, this is counter-intuitive for establishing ENS Governance as an influential and pivotal Ethereum Ecosystem infrastructure entity in-itself.

What this proposes:

-provide a solution service as a product that generates income
-use income to support innovation and build services on top of that product
-provide a token on the open market used to vote on the protocol standards and its funding mechanism
-offer to buy back the token to burn and remove from circulation
-encourage participation from users to hold ENS Governance token

The issue with this is; that the only persons who are most likely to participate in a ‘buy-back’ program are those who hold small amounts of ENS Governance Tokens. Burning token from circulation is asking the same users to are paying for name registration to effectively give their delegations or voting weight up.

This (depending on the outcome) would increase the price of the token furthering the gap of affordability amongst individuals seeking to have an influential amount of tokens to use in the governance process. In return, shrinking the size of participants who hold less than a substantial amount of ENS GT’s would effectively pump bags of those holding large amounts, resulting an even further power concentration.

Not ideal for inclusive principles and not ideal for adoption optics or attracting new participants who would be consistent in their involvement or contribution through effective governance discussion.

various financial incentives been discussed to death in the past :slight_smile:

I think initially ENS core did not want to have anything like that because of potential legal issues

However, as a professional financier I can tell you that designing financial instrument is a very tricky matter, you can’t just throw “properties” on top and hope for the best. There is a reason equities, options and so on exists the way they are, they all have mechanics under them defining the nature of instrument.

For now ENS is just a voting token, and as such it is already quite a powerful instrument. Imagine in the future, entities would want to have a say in how protocol develops, that will generate demand.

I’m personally fairly skeptical about adding any additional properties. We are going to have to throw a huge discussion to figure a good way to transform ENS token, I don’t think project is mature enough for these kind of decisions.


Thanks for contributing Thomas ! Active community contribution is great.

In my opinion the other naming services you mentioned are not really ‘competitors’ per se but I appreciate that we shouldn’t get complacent with our positioning. Some thoughts…

What are these projects, and why should ENS have campaigns on them?

Who is ‘we’ in this case? As I understand there are some active community led initiatives in this regard on X etc. Theres an argument for the DAO funding a team to do this full time I guess, but my personal opinion is that the utility of ENS is somewhat self explanatory and that in many respects it is core infrastructure - it sells itself.

Personally… why do I want traders to pay attention to ENS/ENS tokens? That’s not what ENS is for - its a naming service.