ENS DAO Term 5 Dashboard

ENS DAO Term 5 Dashboard

:star: Starting Point

This dashboard guides DAO actors at various inference points, marking the entry to ENS DAO’s Term 5 governance and activities.

:date: DAO Calendar

Refer to the official ENS DAO Calendar for meeting links and times. Any other sources are not guaranteed to be accurate.

Working Group Schedule

Working Group Day Time Location
:balance_scale: Meta-Governance Tuesday 1PM UTC Google Meet
:seedling: Ecosystem Thursday 4PM UTC Google Meet
:high_brightness: Public Goods Thursday 5PM UTC Google Meet

Note: The Meta-Governance Working Group will commence public calls on February 6th at the regularly scheduled time.

:newspaper: DAO Newsletter

The ENS DAO Newsletter is a bi-weekly summary of the latest developments within ENS Labs, ENS DAO, and the broader ENS community. Since its vintage, It has become a core source for consistent and informative updates aimed at keeping key stakeholders up-to-date.

:ballot_box: Proposals

Proposals are the means through which changes are made to the status quo. They may be drafted in response to a need identified by the Meta-Governance Working Group or by any party that meets the 100k $ENS minimum threshold. These proposals are submitted for a vote. Delegates cast their votes in proportion to the amount of tokens they hold in $ENS. If a proposal achieves quorum and is passed, it is then ratified and implemented. Executable proposals require a series of smart contract operations to be executed by the accounts controlled by the DAO, whereas social proposals do not.

:blue_book: Proposal Summary

An overview of DAO proposals created between January 1st and December 31st is provided and maintained below. This includes the statuses of each proposal, indicating whether they were passed or defeated:

Proposal Type Discussion Status
Upgrade DNSSEC support Executable Open Executed
Commence Streams for Service Providers Executable Open Executed
Determine ENS Labs’ next steps in eth.link litigation Social Open Passed
Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group (1H) Social Closed Rejcted
Funding Request: Public Goods Working Group (1H) Social Open Passed
Funding Transfer: Public Goods Working Group (1H) Executable Open Executed
Enable Self-Funding for the Endowment Executable Open Executed
Security Council Social Open Passed
ENS Steward Vesting Proposal Social Open Passed
Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group (1H) Social Open Passed
Confirming the ENS DAO Security Council Social Open Passed
Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group Executable Open Executed
Roles Modifier V2 Migration Executable Open Executed

:hammer_and_wrench: Getting Work Done

Requests for Proposal (RFPs) are calls for contributors to perform tasks in exchange for DAO compensation. An overview of the RFP process is outlined as follows:

  • Anyone who identifies a need can write and post an RFP on the forum.
  • RFPs are managed by the Meta-Governance Working Group.
  • Formal assignment and compensation arrangements are mediated by the RFP.
  • RFPs that necessitate a change to the status quo will move to a DAO-wide vote.

To view the process at length, please refer to the ENS DAO Governance Documentation.

:pushpin: Working Group Bulletin

The ENS DAO manages its activities through specialized working groups. These groups facilitate decision-making and funding allocation in line with the ENS DAO Constitution, bypassing the need for every action to undergo the DAO’s formal proposal process.

a. Working Group Descriptions

Each group focuses on distinct areas, adhering to the ENS DAO Constitution and addressing the DAO’s overall requirements:

  • Meta-Governance: Provides governance oversight and support for working group operations through DAO tooling and governance initiatives.
  • Ecosystem: Enhances the ENS Ecosystem by identifying and funding high-impact ENS-specific projects.
  • Public Goods: Supports the greater Ethereum ecosystem by identfying and funding open-source development.

b. Working Group Roles

The roles provided herein are a summary, please refer the Working Group Rules for complete specifications:

  • Steward: Stewards are responsible for overseeing the operation of working groups in accordance with the Working Group Rules and the ENS DAO constitution.
  • Lead Steward: Lead Stewards are responsible for the operational management and administration of working groups. They provide regular updates to the DAO related to working group progress, achievements, and challenges.
  • DAO Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for managing working relationships and communications across working groups as well as performing administrative duties for the DAO.

c. Steward Information

There are three elected stewards in each working group. These stewards were appointed via approval voting prior to the start of the Term 5. Lead Stewards are indicated in bold.

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

Steward Forum X
5pence.eth 5pence.eth @5pence_eth
avsa.eth AvsA @avsa
estmcmxci.eth estmcmxci @estmcmxci

:seedling: Ecosystem

Steward Forum X
slobo.eth slobo.eth @AlexSlobodnik
limes.eth Limes @limes_eth
184.eth 184 @184eth

:sunny: Public Goods

Steward Forum Twitter
simona.eth simona_pop @Sim_Pop
coltron.eth Coltron.eth @Coltron_eth
vegayp.eth vegayp @vegaypatino

Note: Lead role will rotate for public goods throughout the one-year term.


ENS DAO offers several resources for understanding and participating in its ecosystem.

  • ENS DAO Basics: Details the ENS DAO, including voting and governance.
  • Support Docs: Provides guidance on registration, renewals, and development aspects.
  • Governance Docs: Offers additional insights into governance structure.
  • ENS Agora: Governance hub for proposal review and voting.
  • Give Feedback: Feedback platform where users share input to improve ENS.