ENS DAO Newsletter #51 — 01/02/2024

ENS DAO Newsletter #51 - 1/2/2024

:confetti_ball: Happy New Year!

Welcome to the ENS DAO Newsletter:

:newspaper: Newsletter Roundup (tl;dr)

  • ENS Labs Update: ENS Year-in-Review
  • Community Updates: Vitalik.eth “Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again”
  • Meta-Governance: Term 5 Dashboard now available
  • Working Group Schedule: now available

:spiral_calendar: Calendar

Refer to ENS DAO Calendar for ENS DAO working group calls and other events.

:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

There are currently no proposals on the ballot. The Meta-Governance Working Group will maintain a proposal summary on the Term 5 Dashboard, a community resource aimed at helping navigate DAO governance and working group initiatives. Please continue to check the Dashboard intermittently as initiatives evolve to stay up to speed.

Note: A minimum of 100k $ENS is required to submit executable proposals. Once a proposal gains momentum, the stewards will prioritize it for a vote during the designated voting window. See our Governance Docs for more information. To view the real-time distribution of voting power among delegates, visit votingpower.xyz.

:cyclone: ENS Labs Updates

:chart_with_upwards_trend: ENS Stats: December 2023

In December 2023, ENS continued its growth with 23.4k new .eth domain registrations, bringing the current total to 2.1m names. Protocol revenue reached $1.36m for the month, with all proceeds benefiting the ENS DAO. The number of new Ethereum accounts with at least one ENS name rose by 18k, culminating in a total of 800k. Primary ENS names set during this period tallied at 16.8k, contributing to an overall count of 701k. Additionally, 4.6k new avatar records were established, rounding up the total to 143k.

:red_gift_envelope: ENS Year-in-Review

In 2023, ENS experienced a significant year of growth and expansion, marked by a series of product releases, integrations, and events. Key developments included the launch of the ENS Manager App V3 and the Thorin Design System, integration with Moonpay for easier ENS name registration, and the release of NameWrapper for enhanced ENS name control. ENS also saw integration into a variety of platforms such as XMTP for Web3 messaging, various wallets like Zerion and Uniswap, and even hardware support through Ledger. The year was further highlighted by ENS’s active participation in numerous global events, such as ETHDenver and EthCC, where they showcased their innovations and engaged with the community, along with significant media appearances including an interview by Google Cloud and mentions in J.P. Morgan’s Onyx publication and Bloomberg.

:computer: Product Releases and Updates:

  • ENS Manager App V3 and Thorin Design System: A set of icons specifically designed for the ENS Manager App and integrated with the Thorin Design System.
  • Moonpay Integration: ENS Manager App now includes support for Moonpay, enabling users to register ENS names with their credit or debit cards.
  • Twitter Space Event: An event featuring discussions on the Name Wrapper and V3 with the ENS Labs developers.
  • ENS Tools Release: Release of tools.ens.domains for ENS name checks and general information viewing.
  • NameWrapper Release: Introduction of NameWrapper, facilitating mass distribution of ENS subnames and enhanced control over ENS names.
  • ENS App V3 Updates: Announcement of ENS App V3, focusing on mobile usability and simplified avatar addition.
  • In-App Chat Support: Implementation of in-app chat support within the ENS Manager App.
  • Primary Names Update: Significant updates to the management of primary names within the ENS Manager App.
  • Multi-Delegate Token Contract: Introduction of a multi-delegate token contract for ENS DAO token holders to distribute and manage voting power.
  • Gasless DNSSEC Implementation: Launch of Gasless DNSSEC, removing the need for gas fees when importing DNS domains into the ENS protocol.
  • ENS Manager App Ownership Update: Launched a significant update to how ownership is displayed and managed in the ENS app, featuring a new tab called ‘Ownership’ with a suite of new features.
  • EVM Gateway by ENS Labs: Developed the EVM Gateway to enable ENS names to interact directly with smart contracts across various EVM-compatible blockchains.

:link: Integrations

  • XMTP Integration: XMTP now supports ENS to enhance user safety and support in web3 communities.
  • Aragon DAO Namespace: AragonProject created the .dao.eth namespace for DAOs launched on their platform, with each DAO receiving a dao.eth subdomain.
  • Zerion Wallet Integration: Zerion wallet integrated ENS and Sign-in with Ethereum, enabling better user experience.
  • Uniswap Wallet Integration: Uniswap released a new wallet with ENS integration.
  • Alchemix Self-Repaying ENS: AlchemixFi introduced Self-Repaying ENS, so ENS names can be automatically renewed without users ever losing them.
  • PancakeSwap Integration: ENS names now resolve on PancakeSwap, expanding their utility on the platform.
  • Earni.fi Expiration Reminders: Earni.fi now provides a service for sending ENS expiration reminders to users.
  • Worldcoin Integration: Worldcoin integrated ENS, broadening the number of individuals with an ENS name and supporting global identity verification.
  • Family App Interface: Family created an interface for setting up and managing ENS names efficiently.
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet Support: Ledger integrated ENS, allowing on-device ENS name support for asset transfers.
  • Coinbase Wallet & XMTP: Coinbase Wallet integrated ENS and XMTP to enable web3 messaging, allowing users to message cross-platform for free.
  • Farcaster Protocol: ENS is now the native naming system for the Farcaster protocol, with support for offchain ENS subnames and second-level .eth names.
  • Blockscan Chat: Blockscan Chat by Etherscan released with ENS integration, facilitating easy messaging within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Skiff Mail: Users can now select and use their ENS names for Skiff Mail via both PC and mobile platforms.
  • Phantom Wallet: Phantom wallet is supported in the ENS Manager App, expanding the use of ENS names within the Solana ecosystem.

:stadium: Event Highlights

  • CCIP-Read Discussion at Only Dust: A master class on ENS’s CCIP-Read and its integration into Starknet was held at the Only Dust hacker house in Tel Aviv.
  • ENS at ETHDenver: ENS distributed custom ENS cards at ETHDenver, alongside unique swag printed for the event.
  • ENS Side Event at ETHDenver: ENS hosted a side event in Denver, CO, where attendees could receive animated ENS/ETH Denver badges.
  • ENS at ETHTokyo: ENS hosted a Crypto Cafe meetup during ETHTokyo 2023 and distributed ENS pins to participants.
  • ENS 6th Anniversary: The ENS community celebrated the 6th anniversary of the launch of ENS.
  • ENS Cards at Tokyo Meetup: ENS Labs team member attended a Tokyo meetup, distributing ENS cards to the attendees.
  • ENS at NamesCon: An ENS Labs team member attended NamesCon, engaging with attendees about the future of DNS domains in ENS.
  • ENS at Various Global Events: ENS Labs team members actively participated in several global events, printing ENS Cards for IRL events like ETHBelgrade, ETHSeoul, and Blocksplit.
  • ENS at ETHBarcelona: ENS Labs attended ETHBarcelona, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem discussions.
  • ENS at EthCC6 in Paris: ENS took part in EthCC6 in Paris, a gathering that underscores the intersection of technology and community. Attendees were thanked for making the event special, highlighting the strong connections in the ENS ecosystem.
  • ENS and XMTP’s Crypto Corner Store: ENS and XMTP partnered to create the Crypto Corner Store, showcased at ETHGlobal NYC. This fusion of technology and convenience emphasizes the role of web3 messaging in everyday transactions.
  • ENS and IRC for World Humanitarian Day: On the lead-up to World Humanitarian Day, ENS Labs announced a partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), showcasing their commitment to social impact through technology.
  • ENS at ETHGlobal NY Hackathon: ENS team members were present at the ETHGlobal NY Hackathon, engaging with the developer community and providing insights into ENS’s role in the future of web3.
  • ENS Participation in ETHRome: With a significant percentage of ETHRome hackers using ENS, the event highlighted ENS’s growing importance as a building block for developers in the blockchain space.
  • ENS de[Base]l Builder BBQ with Dust Labs: ENS joined forces with Dust Labs to host a BBQ for builders at de[Base]l, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among web3 creators.
  • ENS’s Educational Contribution at Meet Taipei: ENS’s Jeff Lau delivered a keynote at Meet Taipei, where he discussed the foundations of ENS and its early focus on developers to build a robust community.

:globe_with_meridians: Media Appearances

  • ENS Team Interview by Google Cloud: The ENS team was interviewed by Google Cloud, with the conversation highlighting the team’s innovative work and contributions to the web3 ecosystem.
  • ENS in J.P. Morgan’s Onyx Publication: Onyx by J.P. Morgan featured ENS in their digital identity deck, discussing the role of ENS in shaping the identity components of Web3.
  • Vitalik Buterin’s Mention of ENS: Vitalik.eth brought ENS into the spotlight in his blog, reflecting the synergy between high-value financial assets and ENS domain names.
  • ENS Highlighted in Bloomberg: ENS earned a mention in a Bloomberg article, signifying the service’s increasing recognition and relevance in the broader tech and financial narratives.

:globe_with_meridians: Community Updates

Vitalik.eth: Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again

Vitalik Buterin’s article “Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again” explores the evolution and future of the Ethereum and broader crypto ecosystem. Buterin reflects on the original vision of “web3,” introduced by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, which aimed to create a more open internet stack, integrating decentralized technologies like Ethereum, peer-to-peer messaging, and decentralized file storage.

However, Buterin notes a shift since 2017, with a decline in the emphasis on non-financial applications and an increase in centralization and financialization. He identifies high transaction fees as a key factor driving this change, leading to a dominance of financially motivated users over idealists. Despite these challenges, Buterin highlights recent positive developments like rollups, privacy solutions, account abstraction, advancements in zero-knowledge proofs, and ENS on L2s via CCIP-read which he sees as opportunities to realign with Ethereum’s original values.

Buterin envisions an Ethereum-based cypherpunk world with private transactions, zero-knowledge voting systems, decentralized social media, and secure wallets. He sees Ethereum as part of a broader technological vision, competing with traditional centralized systems. Read the entire blog post now.

Luc.eth Presents at ETHRome

Luc.eth, Developer Relations at ENS Labs, shared an invitation to watch their recorded workshop on ENS Resolvers. They highlight the educational value of the workshop, possibly aiming to educate viewers about the technical aspects of ENS, including how resolvers and text records function within the Ethereum blockchain. Watch it in full here.

:pushpin: Working Group Bulletin

Term 5 Lead Working Group Stewards + Secretary Appointment


The responsibilities of the Lead Stewards & Secretary are set out in Rule 9.8 and Rule 9.9 of the Working Group Rules.

ENS DAO Working Group Schedule (2024):

Working Group Time Schedule Location
:balance_scale: Meta-Governance 2pm UTC Tuesday Google Meet
:seedling: Ecosystem 5pm UTC Thursday Google Meet
:high_brightness: Public Goods 4pm UTC Thursday Google Meet

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

Term 5 Dashboard

The ENS DAO Term 5 Dashboard, prepared by the Meta-Governance Working Group, is a comprehensive guide for DAO actors in ENS DAO’s Term 5 governance and activities. It includes a DAO calendar with meeting links and times, schedules for various working groups, and a bi-weekly ENS DAO Newsletter. The dashboard also details the proposal process, including proposal summaries and voting procedures. Additionally, it outlines Requests for Proposal (RFPs) processes and provides information on working group roles and stewardship. Resources for understanding and participating in the ENS DAO ecosystem are also included. For a detailed view, visit the ENS DAO Dashboard.

Working Group Description

The Meta-Governance Working Group provides governance oversight and support for working group operations through DAO tooling and governance initiatives.

Meeting Info:

  • Currently, there are no public calls scheduled. Please refer to the ENS DAO Calendar for future scheduling and await further communication via the governance forum.

Term 5 Meta-Governance Stewards:

:sunny: Public Goods

Working Group Description

The Public Goods Working Group supports the greater Ethereum ecosystem by identfying and funding open-source development.

Meeting Info:

  • Thursday, January 11 • 4:00 - 4:45pm
  • Time Zone: Coordinated Universal Time
  • Meeting link

Term 5 Public Goods Stewards:

:seedling: Ecosystem

Working Group Description

The Ecosystem Working Group enhances the ENS Ecosystem by identifying and funding high-impact ENS-specific projects.

Meeting Info:

  • Thursday, January 11 • 5:00 - 6:00pm
  • Time zone: Coordinated Universal Time
  • Meeting link

Term 5 Ecosystem Stewards:

:memo: Resources

ENS DAO offers several resources for understanding and participating in its ecosystem.

  • ENS DAO Basics: Details the ENS DAO, including voting and governance.
  • Support Docs: Provides guidance on registration, renewals, and development aspects.
  • Governance Docs: Offers additional insights into governance structure.
  • ENS Agora: Governance hub for proposal review and voting.
  • Give Feedback: Feedback platform where users share input to improve ENS.
  • ENS Repository: The ENS Protocol’s main Github Repository.

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