Q3/Q4 2023 Budget: ENS Ecosystem Working Group


Ecosystem spent $842k during the first half of 2023. The Ecosystem Stewards are budgeting $692k for the second half of 2023. Ecosystem Working Group multisigs have sufficient balances to cover planned expenditures. The Ecosystem Working Group will not request funding for Q3 of 2023.

A high level overview of expected and historic spend follows.

Historic Spend

Ecosystem Working Group spent $842k1 during Q1/Q2 2023. See Summary

Category USDC ETH Total ($)
Grants 302k 51.9 $400k
Bug Bounties 161k 1.0 $163k
Hackathons 144k 0.0 $145k
Support 73k 0.0 $73k
Other 50k 6.1 $61k
Total 730k 59 $842k

Expected Spend

Category USDC ETH Total ($)
Grants 160k 90.0 $331k
Bug Bounties 106k 0.0 $106k
Audit Support 100k 0.0 $100k
Support 60k 0.0 $60k
Hackathons 25k 0.0 $25k
Other 60k 5.0 $69.5k
Total 405k 95 $691.5k


Item USDC ETH Total ($)
eth.limo 50k 25.0 $97.5k
ensgrants.xyz 0.0 40.0 $76k
Fellowships 60k 0.0 $60k
Misc. 50k 25 $97.5k
Total 160k 90 $331k

eth.limo – Provides support for a privacy preserving ENS gateway for resolving ENS records and associated IPFS/IPNS/Skynet content.

ensgrants.xyz – Small grants to builders in ecosystem that are decided based on community voting.

Fellowships – Funding for talented builders who have shown consistent dedication to ENS by shipping.

Misc. – Fund builders of libraries that support ENS like normalization and CCIP.

Bug Bounty

During this term bug bounty program will be moved to immunify, we plan to hand over 220k to immunfi to manage, requiring a 106k top up.

Audit Support

Open source ENS projects benefit from having experts review contracts to materially reduce the risk of exploits. A portion of this category is soft allocated to auditing L2 resolvers on optimism (created by dm3).


Support mods for social platforms, technical and non-technical educational and archival content.


Most hackathon spending is pre-paid for the year, and was covered in the prior term. On a yearly basis this category amounts to 150k-200k/year.


Catch all category that also include IRL events.

A Note On Reporting

The ecosystem stewards look at categorical spending in addition to multi-sig spend during the budgeting process. We believe that having roll up categories is helpful. For example, grants occur across several multisigs and knowing that ecosystem spent 400k during the first of 2023 on grants is helpful.

Current Balances

Ecosystem Working Group multisigs have the following balances2.

The following table outlines the purpose of each multisig:

Multisig Descriptions

Multisig Description Multisig Signers or Lead Singer
ens-ecosystem.pod.xyz Main Multisig of the ENS Ecosystem Working Group Stewards
ens-buildors.pod.xyz Pod dedicated to supporting builders slobo.eth
ens-grants.pod.xyz Small grants funding for ENS proposals on ensgrants.xyz + evergreen integration bounties Stewards
ens-irl.pod.xyz Funding In Real Life events that coincide with the existing Ethereum event schedule + funding IRL community meetups limes.eth
hack.ecosystem.enswg.eth Sponsorship costs and prize money for hackathons and conferences ens.alisha.eth
ens-support.pod.xyz Support mods for social platforms, technical and non-technical educational and archival content validator.eth
ens-bugbounty.pod.xyz Pays out small to medium bug bounties nick.eth
ens-merch.pod.xyz Subsidizing the cost of creating and shipping physical ENS merchandise including shirts, hats, and pins Stewards

1 $1,900/ETH
2 As of July 21, 2023.