Question about new ENS Domain

I’ve already made three other names with no problems at all. I claimed another ENS domain earlier today and everything went through fine but in my CB wallet and on open Sea it says “Unknown ENS name” Any idea why it’s showing like this? Do I just need to let more time go by? Thanks.

On the Opensea information page for it you can click the button that says “refresh metadata” and you can also click the small writing that says “I know the name” and enter the .eth domain name. But even after you do both of those things it will typically take about an hour to actually show up correctly. But it will, no need to worry.


Thanks! I did that and it was good to go in about a minute. Appreciate it :+1:t2:


(The OG was already taken of course lol)

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Thanks @daylon.eth, I had the same issue with a domain and this fix resolved it.

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I have a related issue. I purchased a number of domains, but on it shows “content not available yet” on four of them even though on and it shows the transactions were completed/successful and that I am the Registrant.

That happened for me for a while too, but if I kept doing those two things it eventually showed up correctly on Opensea.

I can’t do a manual ENS entry, because I have four of them. I have refreshed the metadata. The token ID doesn’t help, because ENS doesn’t display it, so I can’t match it with the name in Opensea. I can differentiate the four but not with an ENS name. Etherscan is no help, because when I enter the token ID the countdown for the block, I assume for processing, it states: Estimated Target Date: ~ A very long time Three were done on the same day.

Maybe you could try entering each of the four names until you find the right one for each. As far as I know it is just an issue on Opensea’s end not displaying the metadata correctly.

I figured it out. Not for you but for others. If you go to the Transactions Details Screen on etherscan for the transaction and go down to Tokens Transferred there is an image link that contains both, the token image and the token ID. Once I have that info, I can do the manual ENS Entry on opensea. So now I have some hunting to do. :grinning:

As an addendum, the metadata refresh did help for two, and a third I got the token image and just had to manually put in the name in opensea. Since I had one left, I was able to manually do that connection. All’s connected now.

I’m having a somewhat similar issue. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated:

I recently purchased an ENS domain “totallydope.eth” and it shows the transaction went through on the ens app … however, Etherscan shows it as a “Failed Transaction” and “Fail”. Apparently the transaction value increased after I approved the value (just the blockchain was going crazy with transactions/gas). So … what do I do? I’m unable to re-do the transaction. It shows on my ens account, but everywhere else (such as EtherScan), it’s a failed transaction with no recourse that I know of. Please advise… thank you! Transaction hash: 0x74e3292058cf3e5f73df493956d5fb591639b70d1fdb3d6b344ea9b688ad4552

gsnappy, come in to discord and create a ticket for more help, i see the name on OS

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Thank you. where can I get a discord invite?

the discord invite above has expired, I think. sorry , here you go

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thank you yodaone! very much appreciated.

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Thank you!

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days now and this sorted the issue.