Registered domains indicating "Burn of" in Etherscan's "Transaction Action" don't show correctly in marketplaces


I registered 39 domains during the past two days and 2 of them are not showing correctly in Opensea and Rarible.

The domains are:

  • basementjaxx.eth
  • rebolledo.eth

In the following screenshot I show you 3 transactions. No problem with first one, johntalabot.eth, as the domain shows in Opensea and Rarible.

The second and third domains do not show in Rarible at all, and show on Opensea, but displaying the old and colorful avatar:

In addition, Opensea does not show any of the thumbnails correctly, even refreshing the metadata. However, at Rarible all my domains show the current ENS image or the avatar I set to make some tests:

So I don’t know what’s going on… The only difference I can see in Etherscan is that “Burn of” in the “Transaction Action” section.

Do you know if that’s the problem? How could we solve it? Do I need to do anything on my end?

Below I’m pasting the three transactions, and links to Opensea and Rarible:




opensea slash ElectronicaNameService
rarible slash electronicanameservice

Sorry, as a new user I can not use more than one image and more than two links.

Please let me know what you think. Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

OpenSea is having issues right now showing avatars on many names. There’s a separate post about what’s going on here: OpenSea "content not available yet" and missing ENS names

If you were to refresh the metadata on the older colorful backgrounds, it will show the new blue background. The ENS names that have these older colors is something OS generated I think, and they update to the new standard blue on a metadata refresh. However, that might be up in the air if OS is still having trouble showing the content.

These are both on Rarible. For some reason their search isn’t updating. You might want to open a ticket with them. Not sure if they have a “refresh metadata” option there.

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@zadok7, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

The problem is that, even basementjaxx.eth and rebolledo.eth are showing on Rarible, I can not refresh their metadata.

Below I’m showing you the same three domains on Rarible:

No problem with johntalabot.eth, but look at basementjaxx.eth and rebolledo.eth. I can only Report.

Could you figure out why?

I will also write them, but I’m sure you’ll be more helpful. Thanks again!

I’m not quite sure why Rarible does not have the options to refresh the metadata. You might want to open a ticket with them and see if they can assist. Their help center is located here:

On in the footer the Help Center link goes to zendesk.

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Thank you!

I opened the ticket and I will post here what they reply.

Maybe is useful for someone else :slight_smile:

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