Resolvers & Latency

This post is a work in process to summarize the resolvers that exist in ENS and their latency.

Resolvers in the Wild

Public 1:        0x231b0Ee14048e9dCcD1d247744d114a4EB5E8E63
Public 2:        0x4976fb03C32e5B8cfe2b6cCB31c09Ba78EBaBa41
Gasless DNS:     0x238A8F792dFA6033814B18618aD4100654aeef01
Coinbase:        0x1934FC75aD10d7eEd51dc7A92773cAc96A06BE56
Uniswap:         0x532cbe81b2c043667753DD4B6a0EB4d5a461D162
3dns:            0xF97aAc6C8dbaEBCB54ff166d79706E3AF7a813c8
NameStone:       0x2291053F49Cd008306b92f84a61c6a1bC9B5CB65
Hybrid:          0x84c5AdB77dd9f362A1a3480009992d8d47325dc3
Namespace Ninja: 0xeB9F095609763EA149Df9a289714289254a0F10C
NameSys:         0x839B3B540A9572448FD1B2335e0EB09Ac1A02885

Any methodology that attempts to test latency will be flawed. This is no exception.

Time to resolve taken while in NYC using raffy’s tool.

Resolver Resolution Time Name RPC Calls
Public 1 0.77s maskpad.eth 11
Public 2 0.89s nick.eth 21
NameStone 1.35s namestone.eth 62
Namespace Ninja 1.39s slobo.gotid.eth 58
Coinbase 1.52s 44
3dns 1.57s 54
NameSys 1.68s decentramind.eth 55
Hybrid & .eth 1.65s stews.eth 13
Gasless DNS 2.59s 7
Uniswap 3.18s kev.uni.eth 58
Hybrid & Gasless DNS 4.55s 9

So What?

If latency matters go ahead and import your DNS. Most CCIP-read resolvers work quite well from a latency perspective with uni.eth being a potential exception.


Why no NameSys?

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Happy to add, what’s a good example name for testing?

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Great info here! Definitely important to track high latency resolver/gateways and get them up to speed (pun intended)