Resolver Works Q2 2024

Resolver Works Q2 2024

We are on a mission to be the premier subname provider for ENS. In this Q2 update, we cover the ENSPro launch, Columbia Graduate School of Business collaboration, and platform statistics—marking our first full quarter as a service provider. None of this would be possible without the continuing support of the ENS DAO.

ENSPro Launch

ENSPro is a free and easy to use platform to allow anyone the ability to create gasless subnames on any ENS name they own.


  • Works with any ENS name, including imported DNS
  • Set-up takes less than 2 minutes
  • Create up to 1,000 subnames for free
  • Edit, add, and delete ENS subnames gaslessly

Columbia GSB Collaboration

We had the great pleasure of collaborating with Professor Omid Malekan from Columbia University. Over 70 MBA students minted a trusted L2 subname, providing hands-on experience with ENS that is invaluable for future leaders. As part of the collaboration, we presented an overview of ENS to his class. The students asked engaging questions and had a good grasp of blockchain tech, a testament to Columbia’s students and Professor Omid’s teaching.

It is no surprise that in a class full of MBA students, someone would test the market by listing their newly minted name on OpenSea for a modest 10,000 ETH. No takers yet…

2024-07-04 17.47.07
Slobo.eth, founder of NameStone, explaining ENS to the students of “An Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” class at Columbia University.

Usage Statistics


Month Subnames Created1 Resolutions
Feb 1,054 247k
Mar 2,435 159k
Apr 731 210k
May 715 105k
Jun 1,241 81k
Total 6,176 802k

L2 Names

In Q2 we upgraded to use the EVM gateway (thanks @raffy ). With this upgrade, 2,300+ subnames became trust minimized on Base. To our knowledge this is the largest collection of such names.

Working through this upgrade helped start a discussion on EVM Gateway & User Experience. I encourage folks to chime in.

Our collaboration with Columbia GSB resulted in the minting of 76 subdomains, represented as NFTs, on Arbitrum One.

Domains Managed by Our Resolvers

Resolver Domains
0x2291...CB65 57
0xd173...94241 40
0x7CE6...43AbD 10
0x84c5...25dc3 5
0x5C76...14b4 2
Total 114

Managing 114 domains2 with one resolver would place us 34th out of the 1,194 active resolvers as of June 30, 2024.

Active Subnames

Type Subnames
Gasless 13,266 2,204 76
Total 15,546

This includes all names ever created via Resolver Works & the NameStone platform that have not been deleted.

Thank You ENS DAO

We want to thank the ENS DAO again for continued and unwavering support of Resolver Works. It’s been an absolute honor to build on top of ENS.

Bonus Content Created

Resolvers & Latency

9 ways protocols use ENS domains

How ENS Enhances DAO Governance & Transparency

Prior Updates
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1 Keen readers will notice that the name count for Feb and Mar is higher than previously reported. This is because we now include deleted names in our totals.

2 Though we offer the ability to issue gasless subnames on gaslessly imported names, those names are not included in the table.