Resolver Works Q1 2024

Resolver Works

Our mission is to be the premier subname provider for ENS. We’ve accomplished much during our first 60 days, and want to update the ENS community on our progress. In this update we cover NameStone’s usage statistics and product enhancements, and share the tech that makes everything possible. We want to thank the ENS DAO for giving us this opportunity.

Usage Statistics -


Month Subnames Created Resolutions
Feb 960 247k
March 2,372 159k
Total 3,332 406k


We expect resolutions to decrease in the future as partners optimize their use of NameStone. We appreciate the load off our servers.

Subnames Created

Our goal is to streamline subname issuance to be as simple as possible, whether you are issuing five subnames or five thousand. In March, we witnessed tweakin.eth launch subnames via a Farcaster frame. It went off without a hitch.

Product Improvements-

Enabled Automatic API Key Generation

Anyone can receive an API key and start issuing subnames in minutes. Simply fill out this form. You’ll receive an API key via email for issuing thousands of subnames completely free of charge. It’s that easy.

Enabled Gasless DNS Subnames

DNS domain holders can now create, edit, and remove DNS subnames without incurring gas fees. We’ve outlined set-up instructions here.


TheOffchainGateway.js (Github)

This is a straight forward Offchain CCIP-Read Gateway in Javascript. When used in conjuction with ezccip.js and TheOffchainResolver.sol, it makes issuing subnames a breeze (without having to rely on a hosted solution like

ezccip.js (Github)

A turnkey CCIP-Read handler for ENS.

TheOffchainResolver.sol (Github)

A trustless, universal, hybrid, offchain ENS and DNS resolver contract. This enables the display of both onchain and offchain records on an ENS name.

Deployed at 0x84c5AdB77dd9f362A1a3480009992d8d47325dc3, it is conveniently accessible through offchainresolver.namestone.eth. View Etherscan

It makes stews.eth possible:

*Please note that there will be a new deployment of this contract after the gasless DNS contract is upgraded. (discussion link)

Bonus Educational Content Created

9 Unique Ways Protocols Leverage ENS

How ENS enhances DAO governance & transparency

ENS Makes Block Explorers Better

ENS Identity or Domain

It is our pleasure to build on top of ENS. Thank you.