Suggestion: a search engine that only references .eth websites

If I get enough upvotes, I’ll make a prototype that references eth websites


A search engine for.eth domains that represent the web3 should address to different interests in comparison with a search engine for web2 like google. What are we looking for and what this search engine should contain? Should be a reference for Metaverse like how google reference the pictures for a search? One proposal for the search result is to show the local time zone for .eth domains owned by individuals and companies, a feature that should be stored for the .eth domain if the user wants this (like how the wallet address is stored).


Very much looking forward to


ENS supports more than just .eth. Almost any DNS TLD can be used as well. Would be great to have a simple index of all the current domains that have the content field set in the resolver. I would guess there aren’t that many at this point.


Like ?


At this moment most people just use it as a referal to there wallet and not to put content behind. I don’t see the real benefit why ENS should provide the feature.

Do we even have that many of them? I believe websites are underutilized, so maybe just a directory with highlights would be cool enough

  • Agree, enable ens upgrade, Web3 is coming early
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I used to update Almonit search engine, but it’s hasn’t been updated since March.

Esteroids is updated every hour with .eth websites automatically.


Don’t have the exact numbers in front of me atm, but >1K .eth websites and <2K are indexed in

It’s not a complete index though, we probably still miss~200 for several edge-cases reasons (we’ll get to that with time).


Almonit hasn’t been updated for a long time.
But is updated every few hours

A directory of ENS names could be something that we may find use full, with an option to send messages also, the mind boggles with the unlimited potential of options, I would be keen to contribute to projects such as these also

@NathGilson.eth may I work on the name of the search engine and contribute to the ENS.Domains?

Is there scope to have two-letter ENS Domains. So far I am thinking of a “Fief” a sphere of operation controlled by a particular person or group (Oxford English Dictionary) I recommend “Fi.eth.” Additionally, Fi is a musical term.

I understand that the search engine requires an atmospheric lighting reaction from end users.

can it please be google.eth but not be run or owned by google?

@toshi @nathgilson.eth Google is the greatest domain ever hand-registered, there is an expert I have been following who has a higher ability than myself. I can assure you both he is a doyen of English domainers and his input will be invaluable with regards to providing you both with a platter of possible domain alternatives for this monumental project.

Lasso.eth where we can heard cattle?

I just content-hashed four new .eth names. Let’s see if it gets updated in an hour

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Can confirm that Esteroids did update by adding one new dWebsite in the past 24h but none of the four that I set up since yesterday. So basically it updates something but not sure how/what/when…

Which ones were not updated? I’d be happy to check it.

Possible reasons:

  • we still don’t index ENS subdomains (e.g., blog.neiman.eth)
  • we still also don’t index IPNS websites

Both are a matter of time and resources. It’ll happen eventually.

Third known issue is that right now our index key is the IPFS hash of the website. So if you make sevelral websites that refer to the same IPFS hash, then only one of them will be visible.

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If you wanna contribute to Esteroids just write us in!

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