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Suggestions for DAO Wide By-Law Inclusion

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As we bring in the new year; with consideration to and on behalf of the RFP, I believe that it’s pertinent that we have an open discussion regarding house rules. This shall be an open-discussion or perhaps more of a suggestion queue of standards, rules, guiding principles, terms of service et al, that should be considered for inclusion in the newly drafted By-Laws.

I believe the DAO would benefit from any suggestions or mentions that you believe should be included in such a standard. This should help is discover different aspects of operations that should set standards allowing other entities and DAOs across Web 3 to implement. Some of which will only be applicable to ENS.


Items to consider:

  • Unspoken or unpublished common guidelines, deadlines or calendar items that are regularly scheduled.
  • Any amounts regarding grants, term of grant, qualifying factors or expectations that stem from project funding.
  • Hierarchies of working groups or sub groups that require reviews by stewards.
  • Payment thresholds for work paid from discretionary funds.
  • Roles, responsibility assignment or other task related house keeping to-dos.
  • Regular course of actions the DAO regularly invests time in
  • Any forms or fill-ins that are applicable to other DAOs
  • Cross-DAO initiatives and rules regarding such.

Please keep this mainly for suggestions or keep conversation or debates at a minimal so that we don’t drown out or look over or miss anything. It is the holidays, so don’t beat yourself up too hard over this. If something comes to mind, just remember that this will stand as an open notebook.

Please identify suggetion(s) by


  • DAO-Wide
  • Meta-Governance
  • Ecosystem
  • Public Goods
  • Support (DAO side only)


  • Budget
  • Payments
  • Calendar
  • Code of Conduct
  • Templating / Forms
  • Tooling
  • Meetings
  • Endowment
  • Voting
  • Funding
  • Proposals
  • ENS Token
  • Bug Bounty

1.) [DAO-Wide] [Calendar] We do { this thing } every { scheduled time } … { other info }

2.) I suggest [DAO-Wide] [CoC] should consider adding or removing { this } … { other info }

I’m sure most people have something unique to add that would be a benefit to the DAO. Any other classification that members see should be included, by all means make your mark.

Consider leaving this as an open topic through By-Law draft application until a person(s) or entity is selected. If all goes well, I suggest a compiled list to vote on a agree/disagree to add or remove suggested by-law.

Resources to help spark thoughts:
ENS Basics
DAO Docs
Model Law
Previous By-Law Draft