Unknown ENS name errors

Purchased 2 ENS names Monsterz.eth and Moonchaser.eth . Instead of the blue graphic representation of the domain name in my MetaMask wallet I get “unknown ENS name”. When searched on opensea no results found for the domain names. I can however see them on the ETH blockchain explorer.
This is what I see in my wallet

Is this something anyone is aware of ?

Hi. This is still an issue using MetaMask Mobile.
I have the same “Unknown ENS name” error message, however different “#” value (#1088…).

Did you happen to find a solution for this?

Note: When looking at the ENS domain in Open Sea the image above “Unknown ENS Name” reads “Content not available yet”. Even though that both did show at the time I initially ordered it.

Hey everyone. I too am receiving an “Unknown ENS name” message, but I’m using Coinbase wallet. Opensea can’t find it just like Safnavs issue. I have purchased 3 others before this one with no issue. The name in question is lasolas.eth. Any ideas or anywhere to turn to resolve the issue? Bummer…

I think this was solved on another thread (if it is the same issue) - see here: Question about new ENS Domain

Hopefully that solves the issue.

EDIT: Please give the props to @daylon.eth if this does work as it was his solution :slightly_smiling_face: