Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (February)

Hey - dropping in for monthly updates on EP-10. For last month’s update, click here.

General Updates

As mentioned in the previous update, one big usage of the community server right now is the Ethereum KZG ceremony for EIP-4844. The Ethereum KZG ceremony leveraging the server now has nearly 70,000 successful contributions, with tens of thousands of folks attempting to participate before the closing window. The server has seen 160,000 unique visitors over the last 30 days, with ~4M+ total requests processed. We’re happy to have this ceremony powered by Sign-In with Ethereum. For folks asking about how to get started using this OIDC workflow in particular, the documentation can be found here.

One quick update on the Sign-In with Ethereum standard. We’ve now moved it back to Review from Stagnant after coordinating with dependent EIP authors. We plan on doing one quick review with a community member who had questions about the semantics around domain for the specification. If you have any additional questions about the Sign-In with Ethereum standard, please raise them now before we begin the transition to Last Call for the EIP. Speaking of EIPs, I also wanted to share a fun update about ReCaps (EIP-5573), which is an extension specification to SIWE. We’re currently preparing for it to go to Review soon as well!

We’re happy to see our libraries being used in a recent integration with Shopify that we hopped on an ENS Twitter space to discuss! We hope to see more native Ethereum activity from them along with ENS name resolution.

We wanted to show off how Sign-In with Ethereum could also be used to have users authorize control over their own off-chain data vaults and to demonstrate this, we built SSX Quest. As part of this demonstration, if a user Signs in with Ethereum, they can authorize access to an off-chain data vault (powered by ReCaps), and begin storing credentials there. If you have an ENS domain, you can go through the ENS ownership workflow, we’ll issue you a credential for doing so, and you can present that to plant a tree in the interface (we’ll be planting these in real life!)

Finally, our next Sign-In with Ethereum community call will tentatively be this Friday (3/10) at 9am PT / 12pm ET. We will be having a member of the Lit team as a guest covering how they use Sign-In with Ethereum in conjunction with their work and protocol! We’ll be sending around a reminder some time on Twitter either today or tomorrow.

Grants, Community, and Budget

As Spruce, we held a few bounties at ETHDenver that included Sign-In with Ethereum and ENS (as noted in the previous update)!

Also, as always, if you have a related project or development work in that direction, definitely reach out. We also encourage new development, which could include:

  • Enhancements of existing open-source libraries around Sign-In with Ethereum.
  • Additional features on existing plugins, or opportunities to embed it within new plugins.
  • Working on additional framework support for Sign-In with Ethereum and ENS.

If anyone has any questions, I’m always around to answer them!


this part of the documentation is so crucial to attracting new and young builders. I don’t know how many dev docs i have read that are just completely missing these steps. Thank you for this!!