Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (July)

Hey all - just dropping in for monthly updates on EP-10 items - just a smaller update this time because we’re still in the middle of a feature we’re working on.

Server - General Updates

As mentioned in the previous update, we are still working on collaborative work to let users log in on behalf of a multisig or DAO to add to the community IdP. This will be one of the first major additional features added in this case. If you’re curious about this workflow, please feel free to shoot me a message here or on socials at any time!

We’re hoping to have this work ready for deeper testing within the next two weeks to then integrate directly into the server. We will likely be running another witnessed deployment for this once the feature is added to the server, adding additional individuals to the hosting side.

Additionally, the Sign-In with Ethereum documentation is up to date supporting the community-hosted OIDC IdP. Anyone seeking to incorporate the workflow can use the provided guide for the server at oidc.signinwithethereum.org.

Now that the infrastructure has been set up with a provider, we will likely be using the first transfer from the budget allocated in EP-10 for that yearly cost as well as transparency on the invoice itself. Expect a smaller update to this thread this month in the form of a reply with additional information once we kick off the process there.

Grants & Community

As mentioned in the previous update, logistics are still being set up on the initial funding and proposal system. As rewards are retroactive, I wanted to highlight a recent example of work that would make a great case for something like this which uses Sign-In with Ethereum in a practical way / a library to integrate / or a plugin to really bring the standard to the masses! We’re definitely hoping Davis continues his work here and we’re happy to support things like a WordPress plugin bringing SIWE / ENS names in.

Additionally, as mentioned before, also feel free to bring up any questions on the Sign-In with Ethereum community call that we host monthly. They are held on the third Thursday of each month.

As always - if anyone has any questions, I’m always around!


It’d be awesome if we could get this monthly call added to the DAO Google calendar. @Coltron.eth - is it possible?

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