Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (May)

Hey all - just want to give a quick update on EP10 items!

Launching the Server

As part of EP-10, we recently deployed the ENS community server on 5/26/2022 with an initial set of witnesses:

  • Gregory Rocco (myself)
  • Nick Johnson
  • Jordan Spence

These additional individuals will soon have access to the Cloudflare instance that the server is deployed on soon, and were witnesses to the server’s initial deployment over a recorded video call. The OIDC itself lives on oidc.signinwithethereum.org, with the repository currently living here.

Over time we plan on adding additional witnesses to the Cloudflare instance and having additional recorded and witnessed deployments as the server gets upgraded (deploys with code changes).

Instructions on how to use this deployment directly will also be provided under the Sign-In with Ethereum documentation at docs.login.xyz.

Server Infrastructure Breakdown

A breakdown of how Cloudflare is being used in the entire process is as follows:

The Server

  • The server exists as a set of deployable binaries, with the code coming from the open source repository.
  • The server was deployed as a Cloudflare Worker, with witnesses watching the actual deployment over a recorded video call.
  • Witnesses have insight into the actual worker deployment, including its routes and analytics around the number of requests.

The Frontend:

  • The frontend is deployed via Cloudflare’s Pages service, directly from a related repository.
  • Witnesses of the server have visibility into the exact domain being used, branch being used, and latest commit hash that the frontend is being deployed from.
  • Witnesses of the server have the ability to view any variables from the build, and configure the actual deployment of the page.
  • The frontend will remain open source as part of the deployment of the server, much like the existing frontend for the Spruce-run server.

Relevant documentation for both the management and deployment of workers and pages can be found under their respective pages via Cloudflare.

Retro-Rewards Summary

As part of EP-10, $75,000 was allocated towards community contributions related to the ENS Community Server Subgroup, including retroactive rewards for SIWE-related efforts. These rewards may not only go to individual contributors, but additionally to larger initiatives such as sponsoring hackathons with the core goal of receiving submissions that aid in the development of Sign-In with Ethereum, the OIDC IdP, or even integration support.

We will figure out where these proposals are to live shortly and finalizing the decision-making process. Individuals submitting a proposal will do so with the following information to be included:

  • A summary of the proposal.
  • A rationale section covering the reason for the funding.
  • A description of the proposal, including the cost and how the funds will be used.
  • An accountability section describing how the funds will be allocated and progress measured.

The proposal should include enough information to cover the breadth of the request, and not try to be too narrative in nature. In short, be succinct.

Additionally, we are looking for proposals that primarily involve building or development support. It is difficult to support a wider bounty program when it comes to Sign-In with Ethereum, as it depends heavily on open source libraries and integrations.

A note on calls: we may consolidate updates on the server with the existing Sign-In with Ethereum community call. Stay tuned for more information here.

As always - if anyone has any questions, I’m always around to answer them!