Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (June)

Hey all - just dropping in for some updates on EP-10 items!

Server - Access and General Updates

As mentioned in the May update, we recently deployed the server with an initial set of witnesses, and future deployments and upgrades will be made with additional witnesses as needed.

I’m happy to say that we now have the Cloudflare enterprise instance up and running, and the witnesses have access to the account, along with relevant access to the Worker (OIDC IdP) and the frontend (oidc.signinwithethereum.org)! Additionally, the server is and will remain open-source, with the relevant repository residing here.

The Sign-In with Ethereum documentation has also been updated to replace the existing OIDC guide using Spruce’s infrastructure to the community-hosted OIDC IdP. Anyone seeking to incorporate the workflow into their application can now use the guide which points to the server hosted at oidc.signinwithethereum.org.

The guide covers how to fetch the OpenID Connect Provider configuration, how to register your application as an OIDC client, and then how to either update or delete it. Anyone with additional questions on how to incorporate it into existing workflows can contact us at any time either here or in our Discord (just easier lines of communication on our side!)

As for development updates, we’re closing up some collaborative work on workflows that support logging in on behalf of a multisig or DAO, and plan on adding that to the community OIDC as one of the first major features planned.

Grants & Community

Logistics are still being set up on the initial funding and proposal system, but as mentioned previously, proposals will go toward building or development support and should include a summary, rationale, description [including cost and funding usage], and an accountability plan. We’re also looking into allocating budget to sponsoring developers via hackathons to demonstrate the usage of SIWE => ENS.

Please feel free to bring up any questions here, or on the next SIWE community call. We believe it’s best to consolidate calls, so any relevant discussion on the community server-related efforts and any grants updates will be conducted on the monthly SIWE call. Sign-ups are completely open, and they happen on the third Thursday of each month. Feel free to sign up here.

As always - if anyone has any questions, I’m always around to answer them!

This project is one of my favourites from first term! Super stoked to try it out! Considering asking our IT team to implement it :innocent: :fire:

I had built 0xBOTS.eth at ETHAmsterdam on SIWE and won an award for it, which was the nice since it was the only category I was eligible for. I am finally restarting that project and follow the roadmap as intended. It needs a SIWE on steroids factor to it. Anyhow, I might slide into your DMs for that and discuss it if you have the time for it :v: