Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (August)

Hey all - as I do monthly, just dropping in for some updates on EP-10 items.

Server - General Updates

As mentioned in the previous update, we are still working on collaborative work to let users log in on behalf of a multisig or DAO to add to the community IdP. If you’re curious about this workflow, please feel free to shoot me a message here or on social at any time! It’s a bit of a complicated process, but will likely require updates to our Rust library for SIWE in order to make the functionality possible. That open-source Rust library that powers the server can be found here.

Additionally, we will likely need to augment that library with not only support for those custom verification methods but also we need to add general EIP-1271 support for general smart contract wallets in there as well. We will be resourcing these updates from our side, and also making some updates to the other open-source SIWE libraries. Also if you’re a Rust developer that wishes to contribute here, we’re more than happy to accept any support (this also goes for anything across any library). This also blends into our Grants & Community support for retroactive rewards.

Grants & Community

We’re lining up our first retroactive community grant to reward the work provided by Davis Shaver on WP-Rainbow, providing SIWE + ENS support to WordPress installations! For more on that, also check out the related forum activity here

We will look to award Davis $5,000 for the work to date and a continuation on the roadmap for this plugin that includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Replacing the minimalistic settings page with something more user-friendly, probably React-powered
  • Expanding options for token-gating/assigning roles based on wallet holdings
  • Adding support for ENS avatars to be imported as WordPress user avatars
  • Introducing a logging option for site admins to track usage
  • Writing more documentation and a promotional blog post

Additionally, we’re coordinating with the ENS Ecosystem Working Group to add a budget to hackathon bounties to include support for ENS + SIWE-related development.

Spruce Budget Updates

For full transparency, when EP-10 first was executed, there was 25% of the budget earmarked for Spruce upon initial acceptance of EP-10 a number of months ago. In line with wanting to make sure everything was deployed and documented first, we held out on any formal requests until the Cloudflare server was live and running.

We’re currently in the process of our first 25% budget request ($43,750) in line with that initial proposal execution, nearly half of which will be covering the yearly bill for CloudFlare which is hosting the server with an enterprise plan, and the other half going to Spruce for service to date.

As always - if anyone has any questions, I’m always around to answer them!


Congratulations @davisshaver !


It’s great to get some updates on this. I can’t wait for SIWE to become widely adopted. And congratulations to @davisshaver as well, great work! :slight_smile: