Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (September)

Hey all - as always, just wanted to give a monthly update.

Server - General Updates

First, a larger update, we’re exploring moving our OIDC used in Auth0’s implementation from the one hosted by us directly at oidc.login.xyz to the community-run server at oidc.signinwithethereum.org - which means any Auth0 customer running the SIWE plugin will be leveraging the community server. Additionally, the implementation continues to resolve ENS information by default where available, furthering the use of ENS names across services. This might take a bit of investigation before we fully swap it out to ensure there’s minimal to no disruption with folks using the existing server.

We also began work on some of the upgrades to our siwe-rs library noted before including EIP-1271 support. Additionally, we had a recent issue with MetaMask phishing detection picking up signinwithethereum.org as a warned site due to a mistaken PR which has since been fixed. I corrected this with the MetaMask team last week. For those using the other core SIWE libraries, we’ve included some of the recent updates including to our Python and TS ones in our last Spruce developer update.

As mentioned previously, we’re still working on our multisig-support feature with Sign-In with Ethereum. If you’re interested in how this workflow works in additional detail, please get in touch! And as always, for those looking to build using the community-run OIDC server, please remember to check out the documentation here.

Grants and Community

In the last update were lining up our first retroactive community grant to reward the work provided by Davis Shaver on WP-Rainbow which brings SIWE + ENS functionality to WordPress! We’re happy to say that the grant has been awarded, and Davis is continuing work on the plugin with a host of additional features. If you’re interested in beta testing that, please check out his thread on the forum.

If you have a Sign-In with Ethereum & ENS related project or development work in that direction, definitely reach out. We also encourage new development which could include:

  • Enhancements of existing open-source libraries around Sign-In with Ethereum.
  • Additional features on existing plugins such as the SIWE Discourse plugin that is currently being used on this forum.
  • Augmenting existing authentication libraries with SIWE+ENS (similar to the existing work that brought the workflow to NextAuth and Passport.js).

As noted in the previous update we also completed our first 25% budget request last month in line with the initial proposal execution.

As always - if anyone has any questions, I’m always around to answer them!