Request for beta testers & feedback - WordPress plugin for Sign-In With Ethereum


this year I have been working on a new WordPress plugin, RainbowKit Login, that allows users to sign-in with Ethereum and have ENS text records automatically synced to WordPress as user meta.

the plugin has already benefitted a lot from the ENS DAO forums – shoutout to @jamesmcardle.eth for providing the suggestion of a ENS<>WP user meta in a previous thread. thanks are also due to @slobo.eth and @rocco for encouraging this effort from the beginning!

if you want to give the plugin a quick demo, please login at the demo site and save a new post to let know everyone know you made it :slight_smile:

I’m planning my next round of development and I was hoping to get some more feedback and ideas about integrations. How should Sign-In With Ethereum, ENS, and WordPress go together?

Here are some screenshots of the current implementation.

The plugin adds Sign-In With Ethereum to WordPress

The plugin supports several different settings.

Yes, cool mode is supported :sunglasses:

The plugin also includes a WordPress block for use in posts and other site content.

I’ve already got a few things teed up. If you have ideas of anything below, please chime in!

:bulb: Updating the settings page
I’d like to replace the currently-minimalistic settings page with something more user friendly (probably React-powered?). It’d be nice for the plugin to support all the settings that RainbowKit itself has (they are iterating fast!), but where else can we improve or expand configuration options?

:bulb: Enhance token-gating features
Right now the plugin can gate the WordPress site by token holdings, and I have a couple examples of assigning roles or access based on ERC-1155 holdings, and it’d be nice to come up with a configuration approach that supports these use cases out of the box (without requiring custom code).

:bulb: Import ENS avatars to WordPress
Providing a compatibility shim between ENS avatars and WordPress user avatars would be a nice bonus feature.

:bulb: Add logging
Right now, the plugin doesn’t have any logging, outside of the typical PHP error logging. What would site admins want to know about plugin usage? How should the plugin track interactions?

:bulb: Docs & promo
Usage is oxygen! Let’s make sure we have good documentation and marketing in place for the plugin. Since WordPress powers more than 50% of the web, we want this plugin to be a good onboarding tool for web3 in general.

feedback can be shared wherever it’s easiest, whether that’s here, Github, or some other way. if you have a WordPress site and want to become a beta tester, install the plugin and get in touch with any questions or issues!


Excellent idea, I used for one of my project React app integrated to the WP in one div element, I looked for this kind of idea, now we will have it. Thx

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Added this to the ecosystem weekly agenda, which is schedule for Monday at 6pm gmt.

Would be great to have more folks look at this.