Want to release domain

Hi. I bought a domain last week. But i think the name is protected and its better to give it back or release the domain somehow better than having trouble later… Is there any possibility to make the domain available again? I read allready the answers before to similar questions. But there must be a possibility to release it by maybe replace the registrant or the owner of the domain with ‘0’ or delete them?
Thank you

Hi, we don’t have a way to release so you have to leave it expired.

Hi, the domain expires in 3 years or so… What happens by replacing the wallet adress with 0? I read this somewhere in the discussions relating to subdomains…
Thank you

You can unset the names by setting to 0 addresses, please see the below.


I am not native english speaker… Maybe i dont understand correctly

There you say
–>but you cannot do so on “.eth” addresses

So there are two distinct actions, one is about setting your Eth address name and another is to have ownership.

If you own makoto.eth and set the eth address to 0x, looking up matoken.eth on the browser now returns nothing.

If you no longer don’t want to own makoto.eth then you can transfer ownership to someone else but you cannot transfer to 0x address as part of the underlying protocol (called ERC721 which defines rules for NFT) does not allow tokens to be transferred to 0x address.

This is not the case for most of so called subdomain (eg: hello.matoken.eth) as subdomains are usually not NFT.

Hope this helps.

Thank you…
I added ENS Gateway to my Browser…
I dont see my domain instead there is following info:
ENS currently allows registration of domains of seven characters or longer.

Does this mean, that my domainname is invalid anyway having 6 characters?

Where did you see this? This is out of date, and needs to be changed. We now support registrations of 3 character names or longer.

Have you considered offering to send the name to the owner of the mark? They might be grateful!

I just googled ens domain browser and google offered me ens gateaway as chromextension.

I even dont want the money back. You should offer this possibility… :sweat_smile:

But if there is no other possibility, i have to contact them somehow…

Send the name means i would paste their wallet adress in registrant and in controller-field, right?

->>>>The Registrant only exists on “.eth” names and it allows you to change the Controller. If you transfer the Registrant to an address you don,t own, you lose the ownership of the name.

I guess, its enough to paste the new registrant…

Where did you read that names must be at least 7 characters, though? Was that in the extension?

That’s correct.

Yes. Its on the extension, when i search for the domainname… However the url doesnt look like serious…


Domain too short

ENS currently allows registration of domains of seven characters or longer. All length domain names will be enabled in the future.