Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, September 5th, 2022 @ 7pm GMT

Google Meet link : https://meet.google.com/ezi-hugc-qnq

Stewards : @Coltron.eth @nick.eth, and @simona_pop

Call Minutes

A) General DAO announcements

  • GR15 starts September 7th!
  • There are 25 returning and approximately 60 new grants.
  • Tags for the ENS Ecosystem round are actively being reviewed today.
    • If you haven’t submitted your grant to the airtable form, please do.
    • All tags are currently under review.
    • If your ENS tag is not assigned by tomorrow, reach out to Alisha by DM on Twitter.
  • Roll Call for ETH Bogota

B) DAO Financial Accounting (mixmore)

  • Mixmore presented his background in accounting and expressed interest in being involved with the DAO’s accounting process.
  • His introductory post is seen here.

C) Updates on existing MG projects

  • Endowment - The vote was delayed by a few days; expect to be posted this week.
  • Small Grants - Prepping another round for the other working groups. The next round is scheduled to be on September 15th.
  • Terminal by Forefront - A meeting is being held this week with the Forefront team to further define the data that can be displayed on a custom ENS terminal.

D) Reserved for open discussion or items not yet listed.

  • Open discussion about registration fees from offensive names.
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Hi @Coltron.eth
I hope you are fine
In one of my topics, I offered to volunteer to help and collaboration with the team in develop the financial and accounting system for ENS DAO

I received an invitation to attend this Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting with you

I think I will introduce myself and talk about what I can offer to ENS DAO
and I will talk about who I am, my experiences and skills , and my thoughts
and about my vision how we can developed the financial and accounting aspect
So that the team can decide whether I will be useful or not

I don’t know if you know about that or not

But I received an invitation to attend this meeting to talk about this topic

If you have any questions, inquiries do not hesitate to contact me
Thank you

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:wave: @mixmore,

I added an agenda item for you. If you want to prepare talking points that take up no more than 5-7min, that would be a great way to begin your discussion.

Also, be clear in your intro whether or not you have a specific request, or just want to toss around ideas.

DM me if you have any questions on presenting. Looking forward to it.

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@Coltron.eth Thank you for your comment and interest , I will implement your advice and I will prepare a summary that does not exceed five minutes

Actually for sure I have many questions

I am afraid to disturb you, but will you allow me to communicate with you through messages ?? I sent you a message, I hope you see it

Thank you