Custom ENS governance terminal (+ updated Delegate rankings page)


Create a custom terminal for ENS to foster transparency and alignment around important community metrics (such as governance, resource allocation, delegates etc).

Metrics from this custom Terminal will be built in a modular way can be utilized in other areas for ENS - For example, as part of this proposal, we will create an updated version of ENS’s delegate ranking page surfacing novel Delegate metrics that we develop in collaboration with the community.

mockup: custom ENS terminal - sections/insights would include: Community, Treasury metrics, Governance, Delegates, Proposals

mockup: enhancing Delegate rankings page - metrics are placeholders. We would collaborate with the community to determine novel metrics to display.

Who we are

Forefront is a tokenized community focused on uplifting other tokenized communities (a meta-community, if you will).

Our thesis around tokenized communities: As DAOs like ENS scale, more creative avenues need to open up to contextualize information to community members. Leading with context helps the community become more autonomous, and creates more alignment so everyone can be making the best decisions on behalf of the DAO. These decisions can range from how we can improve our governance participation rates, who should I delegate my votes to, are we decentralizing more over time, how have we been spending our treasury resources, etc.

To take the first step towards this mission, we built, a dashboard for all tokenized communities.

This is just scratching the surface of what we want to deliver – the next steps for us are to work alongside the communities like ENS to collaborate on novel metrics that help ensure all members are informed to make the very best decisions on behalf of the DAO.


Collaborate directly with the ENS community and core team to:

  • determine desired metrics that drive accountability and transparency (focus on governance, delegates, and proposal metrics)
  • prototype custom terminal and iterate after feedback
  • design and deliver a custom ENS Terminal (branded to ENS’s design) that can be integrated into the site OR hosted on a custom domain such as
  • Enhance delegates ranking page with detailed Delegate info to allow members more information to make their delegation decisions

The Gameplan

Part A: Research and Discovery

  • Send out an open-invite survey to ENS community members
  • Work within Discord to interview community members
  • Work alongside core team/community to develop novel metrics based on DAO needs
  • Share prototypes based on community suggestions and make iterative changes based on feedback

Part B: Terminal Development

Community & Member:

  • Total members
  • Decentralization score (calculates ownership distribution)
  • Social data (Twitter, Discord, etc.)
  • Social growth
  • etc.


  • Treasury holdings and growth
  • Runway (based on recent burn rates)
  • Avg monthly expenditure by category
  • Token price
  • Volume
  • etc.


  • Voting activity (ex. # of Proposals, # of Creators, Voter participation rates, etc.)
  • Voter activity (Top voters x delegation vs. owned, Power Index)
  • Delegate insights (ex. Consistency in voting, % votes against majority, etc.)
  • Proposal activity (status, outcome, delegate participation)
  • Proposal rating system - token gated ability to add a rating and comment
  • etc.


  • List of all funded Proposals (with information on who proposed the initiative, who got funded, and surfacing updates/results from the creator)
  • Ability to sort to see Projects with the highest funding
  • Ability to filter by Proposer/Team who executed on Proposal to see history of funding
  • Explore ways to present Proposals influenced by a single voter
  • Token-gated ability for ENS holders to comment/rate funded proposals *if desired (this can become a simple guardrail to ensure accountability)

Timing & Budget

  • Work would be completed within 2-4 months
  • Budget requested: 25k USD (50% upon start, 50% upon completion)

@pastacartel Thanks for presenting during the Meta-Gov call today.

I’d like to explore the options for a customized terminal that can be hosted on a domain or easily integrated into existing frontends. I’m especially excited about providing objective metrics to delegating voters at the time of delegation on

The more information we can present to the DAO, the better… Interested to hear what specific metrics the community would like to see.

@Coltron.eth absolutely - the plan will be to create something that can be hosted on something like or easily embedded anywhere else.

@carlosdp I was wondering if you could share the question that you brought up in the Meta-Gov call today here in the comments section. Felt like there was some insight there that could be helpful toward us surfacing some novel Delegate metrics!

Giving this thread a bump and encouraging feedback on the data provided on the ENS DAO Terminal by Forefront. It sounds like this is completely customizable for us.

A FigJam file was made to leave async feedback, or comments can be left on this thread.

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I think this is great.

I have a similar question than the one asked on the figma: How do we share clever (while avoiding spam bots) and relevant social information about ENS ecosystem? I think that for example, top 4 spaces about ENS, or top medium articles clicked about ENS, a sort of aggregator that also helps us surface content/communities/projects.

I also agree that Token price wouldn’t be relevant.