Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, August 29th, 2022 @ 7pm GMT

Call Minutes

Attendees: alisha.eth, carlosdp.eth, coltron.eth, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, Jordan Stastny, mmmurthy.eth, oakgroup.eth, Sam Bronstein, Shreyas Hariharan

A) General MG Announcements

  • Upcoming DAO Events with MG involvement
    • GR15 next week with a Grantee Workshop on Wednesday.
    • A Q3 report will be prepared and delivered by the stewards and secretary at the end of the month with an overview of working group projects and funding items.
  • A mid-quarter update from TNL was posted by Khori this week. View it here.

B) Updates on existing meta-gov projects.

Forum Banner

  • Completed by Mahesh. Planned to be implemented this week pending final reviews.
  • The demo of this banner can be found at https://forumdemo.showkarma.xyz/. Please provide feeback by messaging the meta-gov stewards or repsonding to this post.

ENS Endowment

  • The Endowmen is expected to be sent to a DAO vote to this week. It is available to discuss on the forum.
  • The DAO vote will be a request for approval of the meta-gov working group to oversee the selection and management of the fund manager as outlined in the RFP specification.
  • Questions were fielded from potential applicants and community members on the call.
    • Q: Would the fund manager directly be allocating and have custody of the funds?
    • A: Fund management will occur via on-chain governance without custody by the fund manager. The fund manager will not be able to withdraw funds themselves. The RFP prioritizes proposals that “minimise custodial risk by using on-chain mechanisms that allow administration of the funds without the fund administrator having custody of the funds.”
    • Q: Will every operation require approval by the DAO?
    • A: Fund manager will have pre-defined allowable operations that can occur without approval. This achieves lightweight fund management while still using on-chain governance where appropriate.
  • Other discussion points
    • This fund management will not include the ENS governance tokens.
    • The ideal structure will separate the asset management from the operational component of the DAO.
    • The initial size of the fund will account for operational funding needs. It is understood that the timeline for the endowment to sustain core operations may be longer-term.

ENS Grants

  • The UI has been updated using Thorin!
  • A GitHub repo will be established to house this and other DAO-run projects.

C) Custom ENS terminal by Forefront

  • Simona will be establishing a collaborative doc to brainstorm priorities for data that the DAO find’s valuable for a terminal.
  • A FigJam has also been created for async brainstorming on metrics.

D) Open space for additional topics or comments.

  • eth.link is currently down.
    • Additional news on this event should be available as the name approaches return to the registry on September 5th.
    • To prevent any malicious activity, use eth.limo or eth.domains an alternative services.