Agenda for Meta-Gov Meeting, November 29th, 2022 @ 8PM GMT


A) General DAO/Meta-Governance Updates (Elections/End of Year)
B) Endowment Updates (Next Steps)
C) Reserved for DAO-Tooling Update
D) Reserved for Open Discussion

Meeting Link:
Meta-Gov Stewards: @nick.eth @simona_pop @Coltron.eth


A) General DAO/Meta-Governance Updates

The DAO is reaching the end of the second 2022 term. Nominations for the first term of 2023 working group stewards will begin on December 6th.

  • Following the nomination period, those nominees who have received at least 10,000 votes will be placed on the ballot for election.
  • Be sure to check the forum and follow the ENS DAO Twitter for ongoing updates during the election cycle.

B) Endowment Updates

The Meta-Gov stewards met with the DAO-approved Endowment manager, Kartpatkey & Steakhouse, this week following the voting results.

  • An additional vote for the initial allocation of funds to the Zodiac contract is still necessary.

A treasury management social proposal has been put forward to allocate 24 months’ runway of working capital into USDC.

C) Reserved for DAO-Tooling Update

  • An ENS Agora page is expected to be released ahead of the upcoming election cycle.

D) Reserved for Open Discussion

  • None.