ENS DAO Newsletter #9 - 07/01/2022

ENS DAO Newsletter #9 - 07/01/2022

:wave: Hello!

Hello and welcome to the Ethereum Name Service DAO Newsletter!

As always, new editions are published on the 1st and 15th of every month.

This newsletter is available on the ENS DAO Governance Forum, Substack, and Twitter.

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Gitcoin Grants Round 14

After running from June 8th to the 23rd, Gitcoin Grants Round 14 has finally come to a close. ENS has provided a matching pool of $42K for projects supporting the mission of ENS and ENS DAO.

Below are three of the top funded projects from GR14 from members of the ENS DAO community:

  1. ENS DAO Newsletter by Daylon.eth is a bi-weekly summary of the developments and happenings within the Ethereum Name Service DAO and its Working Groups. – Lifetime Funding Received: $2617
  2. ETH Leaderboard by gregskril.eth, the ETH Leaderboard is a website and bot that tracks Twitter accounts with .eth names. – Lifetime Funding Received: $9057
  3. Gwei Fund Me by gregskril.eth Gwei Fund Me aims to be the “Buy Me a Coffee” of crypto, built around ENS. – Lifetime Funding Received: $1565

Thank you all so much for the generosity and support!

:ballot_box: Term 2 Stewards

Ecosystem Meta-Governance Public Goods
bobjiang.eth coltron.eth anthonyware.eth / Anthony
validator.eth simona.eth / Simona ceresstation.eth / Scott
slobo.eth nick.eth avsa.eth

:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

For details on the ENS DAO proposal process see our Governance Docs.

:newspaper: Working Group News

:busts_in_silhouette: Community

The community working group subgroups will be dispersed among the three existing working groups to meet needs of the DAO. A term retrospective can be found here

:statue_of_liberty: ETHNewYork

The ENS DAO had a presence at ETHNewYork. Slobo.eth performed judging duties at the hackathon, while the Community Working Group held a small happy hour for DAO Members and holders of ENS Names on June 24th. There were 105 confirmed on the guest list with approximately 50-60 people that attending throughout the night. Community Steward, @validator.eth, donated two ENS Consitution books for a raffle. The winners were @seanwbren and @financeguy74. ENS DAO t-shirts, stickers and a IYK enabled POAP were also available to claim. A tweet about the raffle can be found on the ENS DAO twitter account.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Ecosystem

ENS Ecosystem: related to the continuing development and improvement of the ENS protocol and ecosystem, with a focus on all technical matters related to ENS.

The Ecosystem Working Group held two meetings in late June, on the 21st and 27th. More information about what was discussed in the meetings can be found here:

Relevant Updates:

  • Prioritize autonomy in Sub Groups
  • Slobo.eth particpated in ETHNYC Hackathon as a Judge
  • TNL will fund Code4rena Audit for the following contracts:
    • Name wrapper
    • .eth registrar controller
    • Reverse registrar
    • Public resolver

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

The first term two meeting for the meta-governace subgroup will take place, tentatively, on July 12th. This event will be posted in the ENS Master calendar when it is confirmed by the MG stewards.

:white_check_mark: Public Goods

Public Goods: related to the amplification of ENS as a Public Good and funding Public Goods within the ENS ecosystem and more broadly in web3.

:gear: Utility

This section is dedicated to highlighting contributors who provide information about the utility of the ENS Protocol.

Top Utility Tweets from the Community

.ETH but IRL @ENS_DAO pic.twitter.com/FOiva9q74r

— Marcus (@estmcmxci) June 23, 2022

Glad to connect @m1guelpf with his constitution book!@ENS_DAO @ensdomains pic.twitter.com/09B0kS41W3

— ensdao.eth (@ENS_DAO) June 25, 2022

Congrats to the constitution winners last night, @seanwbren and @financeguy74!

This was the first official DAO meet-up and we were glad to bring everyone together. See you at the next one. 👀

Also, a major thanks to @__iyk for the POAP disc and Helen’s New York for the venue! pic.twitter.com/uz5f9pLA7l

— ensdao.eth (@ENS_DAO) June 25, 2022

:desktop_computer: Protocol Development

hi everyone.

today we're releasing the first alpha for the new ENS app (and more)https://t.co/LiouyC6wfK

— taytems.eth (@taytemss) June 24, 2022

Taytems.eth announces first alpha for the new ENS app. The update includes mobile friendly layouts, better search experience, more accessibility, faster load times and more

You can check out the alpha site here: https://alpha.ens.domains/

:handshake: Get Involved

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Market News

According to the Twitter account ENS Sales Bot, the top five .eth name sales (letters) of the past two weeks were:

  1. golf.eth - 15Ξ (~$16100)
  2. zoé.eth - 6.5Ξ (~$7000)
  3. cope.eth - 5Ξ (~$5350)
  4. cramer.eth - 4.1Ξ (~$4400)
  5. term.eth - 4Ξ (~$4300)

(approximate exchange rate as of Jul 1, 2022)

:lock: Security Tip

Exploring the latest NFT scam - “I got an NFT airdrop from an unknown collection into my wallet with a 1 WETH offer. What’s going on? Is it safe to accept?”

Please see this excellent thread by @0xfoobar for a detailed explanation of how this elaborate scam works.

Thank you very much for reading! Take care. :wave:


Thank you @estmcmxci !


Loving the updates and the info! Much appreciated everybody!

The new UI looks really nice too! Feels like MySpace 3.0 haha Looking really modern and easier to navigate

Wen “poke” feature? haha :-p


Thanks for the update @estmcmxci!

For reference, here are some more Gitcoin grants from the ENS ecosystem category to celebrate :slight_smile:

To see the full list of ENS-related grants, go here then select “ENS” under the tag filter.


Thanks! I could write a bit about each ENS Gitcoin Grant too, as a means to expand ENS Communications to Tokenholders.