[EP3.1.2] [Social] Q1/Q2 2023 Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group

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Author Katherine Wu

Q1/Q2 2023 Funding Request: MetaGovernance Working Group


The Meta-Governance Working Group requests funding of 364,000 USDC, 125 ETH, and 3,500 $ENS from the ENS DAO for Q1/Q2 2023.

This funding will be used to support the governance processes of the ENS DAO as well as manage and build infrastructure to support the ENS DAO and Working Groups.

This social proposal is submitted to satisfy the requirements set out in Rule 10.1.1 of the Working Group Rules (EP 1.8). If this proposal is passed, the funding request will be included in a collective executable proposal put forward by all three Working Groups.


Meta-Governance Multisig 364,000 125 3,500


Meta-Governance Multisig Balance

The Meta-Governance Working Group is requesting 364,000 USDC, 125 ETH, and 3,500 $ENS.

The Meta-Governance Working Group currently has 217,510 USDC, 17 ETH, and 8,940 $ENS in its multi-sigs.

If this funding request is approved, the Meta-Governance Working Group multi-sigs will have a total of 581,510 USDC, 142 ETH, and 12,440 $ENS.

Carried Forward (from Q3/Q4 2022) 217,510 17 8,940
Requested (for Q1/Q2 2023) 364,000 125 3,500
Total Balance 581,510 142 12,440

MetaGovernance Multisig Allocations for Q1/Q2 2023 (with funding request approved)

The table below shows the total allocations for the MetaGovernance Working Group multi-sig, and related pods, with funds carried forward from last term (Q3/Q4 2022) along with funds requested in this proposal for this term (Q1/Q2 2023).

Steward + Secretary Compensation 184,000 - 3,500
Governance 88,500 32 1,250
DAO Tooling 171,000 60 3,000
DAO Sponsorship 60,000 10 -
Discretionary 78,010 40 4,690
Total Balance 581,510 142 12,440

Allocation of Requested Funds

The 364,000 USDC, 125 ETH, and 3,500 $ENS of funds requested in this proposal will be allocated to the following initiatives/outcomes.

Steward + Secretary Compensation 184,000 - 3,500
Governance 40,000 30 -
DAO Tooling 80,000 50 -
DAO Sponsorship 60,000 10 -
Discretionary - 35 -
Total Requested Funds 364,000 125 3,500

Description of Initiatives/Pods

Initiative/Pod Description Multisig Signers or Lead Signer
Steward + Secretary Compensation Working Group Steward compensation totalling $144k USDC + 3,000 $ENS plus Secretary compensation of $40k USDC MetaGov stewards
Governance Fee reimbursements and initiatives related to reducing friction in the governance process MetaGov stewards
DAO Tooling Developing interfaces and dashboards to improve the governance process and increase transparency across the DAO alisha.eth
DAO Sponsorship Sponsoring DAO-specific events such as DAO NYC, DAO Tokyo, and Aragon’s DAO Global Hackathon MetaGov stewards
Discretionary Funds distributed at the discretion of stewards towards new initiatives + governance experiments MetaGov stewards

This proposal was prepared by @katherine.eth, lead steward of the MetaGovernance Working Group.



We will be discussing details/ answer any questions about this in next week’s Meta-Gov call:

January 24 @ 7pm GMT here: Google Meet link: meet.google.com/ihz-hdvb-bbq


Stewards are getting $ENS as compensation, in addition to USDC now, is that correct?

Average of ~$2666 and ~55.5 $ENS per month, not factoring in the extra for lead stewards, is that right? And the extra 500 $ENS is for the Secretary?

Let me get some of that trickle-down economics! :sweat_smile:

Just joking.

…unless :smirk:

[pardon my ignorance]

The entry for steward compensation and secretary compensation in MetaGovernance covers payment for ALL stewards across the three working groups plus secretary payment for the term. MetaGov handles the payments as part of their mandate which covers operational management of Working Groups.

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Makes sense, thanks for the clarification.


Thank you for the post. Some questions!

1.Steward + Secretary Compensation: This is for all stewards for Q1/Q2 I guess. Can you state how many people that is to give an idea of compensation?
2 Can you describe a bit more wht is “initiatives related to reducing friction in the governance process”?
3. For DAO tooling there is multiple external tools developed by various parties such as Agora and more. I think Agora is even made for ENS too. Is that sponsored by ENS? Or not? Cause if not then why not use those tools instead of making new ones?

Thank you for your interest and questions!

Re 1: Correct, that is for all stewards for Q1 + Q2 of 2023. There is a total of 10: Three Stewards for each of the three working groups, respectively MetaGov, Ecosystem, and Public Goods (that’s 3x3=9); plus one (1) Secretary.

Re 2 & 3 will let @alisha.eth chime in!

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Initiatives will revolve around making participation as easy and pleasant as possible for delegators, voters, and proposers. An example of an initiative that was funded last term that aligned with this mandate was reimbursing fees related to delegating $ENS on delegate.ens.domains.

It is hoped that more experiments like this will be funded this term, including potentially reimbursing fees for delegates who vote on executable proposals.

Agora.ensdao.org was funded by the DAO tooling pod. In the Q1/Q2 20233 term, the DAO tooling pod will also look to fund existing tools and platforms, such as Tally, where it makes sense and where it improves the current DAO tooling landscape.


Thanks for the clarifications @alisha.eth @katherine.eth. Will be voting for the proposal.

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EP 3.1.2 has passed. An executable proposal to fund Working Groups will go live on Tally in the next 24 hours.

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