July DAO Voting Window [Q3/Q4 2023]

We recieved some valuable feedback from our delegates about the need to streamline the schedule for our governance voting. In response, the MetaGovernance working group is coordinating upcoming votes into a DAO voting window in the last week of July, after the events in Barcelona and Paris.

Some of these proposals are still in active discussion and might change. This list will be updated as we get closer with specific dates.

Expected Proposals/Votes

Title and Forum Link Description
Approve further actions and strategies for the Endowment Proposal to grant Karpatkey additional roles and permissions to enable a wider variety of tokens and strategies for use in the endowment

[Edit on 7/26 - Moved EIP 4824 to a future voting window to allow room for additional vetting of the project]

[Edit on 7/17 - Removed Workgroup funding proposals. The three WGs will be able to use existing funds until the next funding window in November. WG budgets for the term will be posted next week]

Potential Proposals/Votes

Title and Forum Link Description
Extend ENS DAO to EIP 4824 Proposal to deploy an EIP 4824 contract to standardize the ENS DAO’s URI resource list
Refund Names That Were Recently Made Invalid Proposal to refund users who’ve registered names that are now invalidated by the new normalization standard. This onchain vote will likely have a social vote as a pre-requisite to determine the specific refund strategy.

*This approach is a response to the feedback we recieved, so please continue to share comments and ideas with us as we iterate.