Q3/Q4 2023 ENS DAO Dashboard

Q3/Q4 2023 ENS DAO Dashboard

This dashboard is organized into the following sections and will be updated throughout the course of the term:

  • DAO Proposals and Draft Proposal links
  • Calendar and Working Group call scheduling
  • Working Group Steward information for Q3/Q4 2023

:ballot_box: Active DAO Proposals

An overview of DAO proposals created during Q3/Q4 2023 .

:pencil2: Draft Proposals

The following are draft proposals that will be moved to active proposals in the coming weeks.

*Ongoing research currently being done on this.

[New] :star2: DAO Voting Windows

In response to feedback, the MetaGovernance group is working to better coordinate and telegraph upcoming voting.

  • We had our first Q3/Q4 window at the end of July. See this post for details: July Voting Window

  • The second window was at the end of September

  • The voting windows have been successful tools this term.

:calendar: ENS Calendar and Working Group Calls

The official ENS calendar maintains the upcoming events and meetings.

ENS Calendar: Public Access
ENS Calendar: Access with Gmail

:speaking_head: Weekly Working Group Calls

Working Group Day Time Location
:hammer: Meta-Governance Tuesday 11AM ET (3PM UTC) Google Meet
:seedling: ENS Ecosystem Thursday Noon ET (4PM UTC) Google Meet
:high_brightness: Public Goods Tuesday 12PM ET (5PM UTC) Google Meet

Refer to the ENS Calendar for the most up to date times and links.

:briefcase: Working Group Steward Information

There are three elected stewards in each working group. These stewards were via approval voting prior to the start of the Q3/Q4 2023 Term. Lead Stewards are indicated in bold.

:seedling: ENS Ecosystem Working Group

Responsible for growing and improving the ENS Ecosystem.

Steward Forum Twitter
slobo.eth slobo.eth @AlexSlobodnik
limes.eth Limes @EnlightenedLime
184.eth 184 @184eth

:hammer: Meta-Governance Working Group

Supports DAO governance initiatives and treasury management.

Steward Forum Twitter
Katherine Wu katherinewu @katherineykwu
nick.eth nick.eth @nicksdjohnson
5pence.eth 5pence.eth @5pence_eth

:high_brightness: Public Goods Working Group

Responsible for funding public goods in web3.

Steward Forum Twitter
coltron.eth Coltron.eth @Coltron_eth
vegayp.eth vegayp @vegaypatino
simona.eth simona_pop @Sim_Pop

:pencil: Working Group Secretary

The nominated Working Group Secretary for the Q3/Q4 2023 term is @Limes.

:handshake: Helpful Links

Here are some resources to stay up-to-date, learn more, and participate.

ENS DAO Fundamentals



News & Updates

This dashboard will be updated with the latest information. Thanks to @Daylon for the template


Thank you, 5pence.eth! This was a very helpful dashboard for use during Q3/Q4 2023 Term. I look forward to seeing one built out for the Term 5 also.

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