Minutes for Weekly Public Goods Meeting, December 8, 2022 @ 6PM GMT


Meeting Link: https://meet.google.com/eus-xubt-uxj
Term #2 Elected Stewards : @theanthonyware, @AvsA , and @ceresstation

A) Public Goods general updates
B) Q1/Q2 2023 Working Group Steward Nominations & Election (forum post)
C) PG Scholarships - ( forum post )
D) Upcoming Events
E) Open space for additional public goods topics

Call Minutes

Attendees: 184.eth, avsa.eth, anthonyware.eth, coltron.eth, daylon.eth, vegayp.eth, grgskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, estmcmxci.eth

A) Public Goods general updates


B) Q1/Q2 2023 Working Group Steward

Nominations & Election

Nominations for 2023 Term 1 Public Good stewards close tomorrow at 9 am UTC. Voting will begin on December 10th.

Nominate on this forum post.

Election Phase Date
Nominations Begin December 6th @ 9am UTC
Nominations End December 9th @ 9am UTC
Voting Starts December 10th @ 9am UTC
Voting Ends December 15th @ 9am UTC

The newly elected stewards will assume roles on January 1st at 9 am UTC.

C) PG Scholarships

The Public Goods Scholarship will go live today on ensgrants.xyz. through December 13th.

  • Over 70 nomination submissions were received and reviewed.
  • The top six submissions with the most votes will receive the scholarship.
  • This will use an approval voting strategy.
  • Comment: “The model of scholarship is very awesome and such a buzz in the broader community. -184.eth”
  • Question: “Can we use quadratic voting and the Gitcoin Passport?”
    • This could be an option in the future. Alisha and Greg have spoken with Gitcoin about this.

D) Upcoming Events

  • None

E) Open space for additional public goods topics

  • None

The grants site is showing 18 nominees. Were these 18 chosen from the over 70 by the Public Goods stewards? Or are the rest just not showing on the site yet?

If they were chosen - what was the criteria? Just personal preference of the stewards?


Still waiting for clarification

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