Policy-based ENS subdomains issuance infrastructure


With the growing progress on the utilization of ENS subdomains, it is undeniable that the application of subdomain names will be the key drivers of the empowerment of the Web 3.0 community in the upcoming time. Substantially, as ENS subdomains allow the opportunity to expand the reach of Web 3.0 users, in which our team aims to create a product that utilizes the utility of the ENS subdomains.

Our Product

For this grant, we would like to introduce CNS - Community Name Service

Namely, CNS is the policy-based ENS subdomains issuance infrastructure, where ENS holders can conditionally allow their ENS subdomains to be registered for their community. Our product will serve as the extension for the ENS holders, where All ENS holders can assign CNS policy on who will be eligible to mint the subdomain.

At this stage, the available CNS policies consist of Token-Gated and Allowlist address

  1. Token-Gated: The ENS owners can create a policy which requires the party that owns a certain ERC-721 token to be eligible for minting.

  2. Allowlist Address: The ENS owner can directly assign the Ethereum Address that will be eligible to mint the subdomain.

The subdomain that is minted from our website will be in the form of ERC 721 soul-bound token, where each minter can have access to the subdomains in terms of utility while representing their community through subdomains. Our aim is for the community from each respective community to adopt our products, starting from NFT projects to DAO communities.

Collective Entity with ENS Utility - Since CNS is based on ENS smart contract and technology, the subdomains minted from CNS can be used for your Ethereum address, data records, cryptocurrency transfer, and many more. Additionally, CNS website will contain a community module that will promote the usage of community-based projects.

Current Development

At the current stage, our development team has successfully created the smart contract which allows the ENS holders to set policy for their community to mint the subdomains from our website. Currently, the smart contract is being deployed on Ropsten Network, in which our current focus is to optimize the gas fee as well as audit the safety of our service. We have approached two individuals from the ENS core team and steward for the feedback of our product, in which we have a clear image on our next direction for the project.

Project Implementation

As mentioned about the product currently being on the Ropsten test net, in which our team aims to launch the first version of the product by late July 2022 to early August 2022. Additionally, with the feedback from several individuals from the ENS team, we are planning to sync with the upcoming ENS name wrappers, serving as the launchpad of ENS subdomains where users can set conditions and rules who will be eligible to mint the subdomains.

Looking forward, we plan to build more products which focuses on providing module for NFT and DAO projects to further strengthen and manage their community on-top of the CNS subdomain and ENS name wrapper ecosystem

Project Funding

Our team has been working on this product for the past few months, in which the project is led by sinestia.eth. We utmostly believe that our product will create a positive impact on the Web 3.0 community. For this grant, we believe that this would help fund our project in the usage of deploying smart contracts and testing, leading to the development of fully functioning products. Additionally, our team plans to apply for ENS Gitcoin Grant, where we aim to raise funds to fully develop our product and features to serve the Web 3.0 community.

Useful Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNSdomains

Emails: contact@cns.community

Medium: https://medium.com/@cnsprotocol/community-name-service-cns-850bbd61bb3b

Team Lead: https://twitter.com/SinestiaETH


If anyone has any feedback or reccomendation, feel free to comment down below :point_down:

“Keep Building” :muscle:

I think this is awesome, let me know how I can help! I fully believe subdomains are the way the next billion users will on-board onto ENS. Something like this is a great start to making that easy to do!


Hello @Sinestia, is it okay to DM you about trying CNS out for an ETH denominated DAO I contribute to? The DAO operator showed interest in a trial with their community.

For more info: https://community.colorsxstudios.com/

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Hey @estmcmxci, thank you for reaching out. Feel free to contact me @sinestiaETH on twitter or Sinestia#7777 on discord

Awesome. If you can add all the features you mentioned to the implementation of your project, I believe too. In addition to a cool idea, I think this project suits us perfectly. I’ll stay tuned.

Hey to update all, we have launched our product into Mainnet!