RFP: Drafting of ENS DAO bylaws

We, the Meta-Governance working group, are issuing an RFP for a qualified individual or firm to draft a comprehensive set of DAO bylaws that can be enacted by social vote of the ENS DAO and serve as operating documents for the governance of the DAO going forward. These should be written in an easily comprehensible and unambiguous fashion similar to the existing EP1.8 Working Group rules.

Ideally, these should be written as a “DAO Operating System” that can be easily modified and adopted by other DAOs, and will be licensed under a Creative-Commons CC-BY-SA license.

The bylaws should incorporate existing DAO documentation and best practices, including:

At a minimum, the bylaws will govern:

  1. Rules for operation of working groups, as adopted from EP1.8.
  2. Processes and procedures for proposing and enacting DAO-wide votes.
  3. Processes for creating and amending these bylaws.
  4. The DAO’s obligations and responsibilities relating to the ongoing governance of the endowment, including establishing responsibility for auditing any changes to the fund manager’s permissions.
  5. Means for the DAO to instruct the ENS Foundation to take action on its behalf.
  6. Establishment of a role responsible for administering the DAO’s governance documentation and processes, and keeping these materials up to date.
  7. Any other rules deemed necessary.

This RFP will be open for two weeks, closing on the 8th of January. Interested parties should submit their response by forum DM to @Meta-Gov_Stewards. Respondents should include a resume, cover letter, and fee schedule.

The Meta-Governance WG stewards will review all submissions by January 15th, and announce the selected party to the DAO via the Meta-Governance WG call and on this forum. We reserve the right to forgo appointing anyone in the event that there are no acceptable submissions.

After that date, the MG WG will work closely with the selected party to draft a new set of bylaws, which will be available for review and comment by the DAO in advance of a social vote proposing their adoption.


This sounds like a very well timed and respectable notion.

Thank you Nick.

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How is it that you wish to receive a resume, cover letter and fee schedule?

  • i.e, plaintext or PDF.

Also, could you maybe provide further detail as to any requirements beyond the aforementioned in the the RFP? Is this slated as a contractual persistent role or just the formation and copy of direction?

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Either is acceptable.

Only the things stated in the RFP are being quoted for. This is not a request for ongoing work.

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I’ll have this drafted by the 14th.

Following discussion in the meta-gov WG this week, we’ve extended applications for this to the 8th of January.


8th January is last day to submit your application. My Australian firm would love to contribute to this. A DAO’s “Master File System” using ISO and above standard.

So a well drafted proposal which sould include ISO standards like 20022 where select Cryptoassets are compliant with 20022 respecting the liquidity and compliance of the DAO’s Endowments.

We’re onto it.


this feels like REALLY complicated RFP, when I first read it - two weeks like a very short time frame for this

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We literally just need a CV and a fee schedule from applicants.


I was looking at this task as someone with consulting background. Drafting DAO bylaws is not exactly a standard type of project, hence getting a fee schedule may not be as straightforward as it might seem. Alternatively it would come with a disclaimer that fees are subject to considerable adjustments.

That being said I’m certainly all in favour of making the process as simple as possible.

Update: ENS DAO Bylaws

The submission period is now closed. The Meta-Governance Working Group will begin to review submissions and announce the selected party to the DAO through a post on the forum. To reiterate, we reserve the right to refrain from appointing any party in the event that there are no acceptable submissions.

If a suitable party is selected, the Meta-Governance Working Group will work closely with them to draft a new set of bylaws according to the precepts listed within this RFP. These will be available for review and comment before submitting a social proposal to the DAO for their adoption.

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so how many submissions were there?

whats the point of DAO governance if in the end, you get final say?

Also @estmcmxci you have been intentionally not replying to my messages. You log on after I send, you read them and disregard them. Please respond to my messages as it is a critical responsibility of your paid role as a Meta-Governance Steward or any other persons in a paid position in ENS DAO.

Update: ENS DAO Bylaws

The Meta-Governance Working Group is pleased to announce that @KarelLemma, representing Lemma Solutions, has been selected as the party who will share the responsibility for drafting the ENS DAO Bylaws. The Bylaws will be made available for review and comment in advance of a social vote that will propose their adoption.

We thank all interested parties who submitted bids and encourage their continued participation in the ENS DAO’s Working Group initiatives throughout the year.

Why was “lemma solutions” selected?

All of their articles were published in the same structure and format as chatGPT would return you almost verbatim.

I think the idea behind “steward institute” is that you elect certain people to have executive power, then they do the work, to make the whole process more efficiently, so it kinda doesn’t make sense to question every single decision they make

That being said, some transparency about the process would be nice, if Metagov group could share some details, how the process went on, who were the candidates, any highlights would be helpful I think

And thirdly this is some seriously bold statement, to avoid sounding like a troll would be a good idea to provide some references for that. I personally for instance frankly would never dare to make such statement without some serious backup


Well, I too enquired repeatedly about the process and got no reply, they just refuse to answer any questions, what can you do? If they refuse it’s not like you can force them somehow how to do it

Maybe they have nothing of substance to say…

I’m extremely disappointed. I think it’s safe to come to a conclusion on who Lemma Solutions is or should I say what they are about. This literally took me less than 30 minutes to dig up.

If you look at the PDF proposal they made to Ape Coin DAO, The proposed that BAYC would need to be handing over almost all of their credentials to them.

Close this post.

Move to closed chat, allow join by request only.

@SpikeWatanabe.eth - Fair point. There is no ill intent or malice in us not being more transparent on this one. We try to be transparent about selection in these processes. I think we generally do a good job at this. Our streaming provider selection would be a good example of transparency after the fact re: the criteria used for the decision.

In this case, the RFP was started in the previous term so we’ve had involvement across both current and former Metagov stewards that defined the criteria and interviewed respondents. Not an excuse, just highlighting the complication in retrospect.

Give us a moment to compile some data and try to provide an overview of how the decision was made.

@accessor.eth - I’m not sure how to respond to your accusations yet. Although it looks like you just deleted them.