Steward Nominations - ENS Metagovernance Working Group (Term 5, Calendar 2024)

Nominations for the 5th ENS DAO Steward Term (Calendar 2024) will open on December 6th.

Most of processes will be identical to previous elections, with the exception of the new Term Length of 1 year that was voted in via this proposal.

If you would like to nominate yourself to be an ENS Metagovernance Working Group Steward for the calender year 2024 period (Term 5), please complete the steps outlined below:

Nomination Steps

Step 1

Forum: Reply to this post with the following information:

  • Link to Snapshot: (fill this in after Step 2)
  • Preferred Name and/or ENS name:
  • Forum username:
  • Twitter profile link (optional):
  • Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?
  • Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)

Step 2

Snapshot: Create a Snapshot vote in the ENS WG Steward Nomination space HERE. Select “New Proposal” and use the following template:

Title: [[Name of Working Group]] Nominate [your preferred name or ENS name]

  • Example: [Meta-Governance] Nominate 5pence.eth

Body: Copy and paste your forum reply from above which includes:

  • Your preferred name/ENS name
  • Forum username
  • Twitter profile link (optional)
  • Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?
  • Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)

Vote Timing
Select the start date and time of December 6 at 9am UTC.
Select the end date of December 9. The time will automatically be set to end at the same time the proposal starts (which should be 9am UTC).

Please note, Snapshot will use your current timezone to set the time. Please convert 9am UTC into your local timezone when setting up your proposal.

For reference: 9am UTC = 5am ET / 2am PT / 10am BST / 11am CEST

Any nominations submitted to the forum prior to the start of the nomination window will become active when the nomination window opens on December 6. All votes to support a Steward nomination must be made during the nomination window.

Step 3

After successfully nominating yourself to be a Steward, you require 10k votes in support of your nomination on Snapshot between December 6 - 9.

Any nominee with 10k votes supporting their Steward nomination will be included in the ballot for the Steward election of the relevant Working Group.

Steward Elections

Anyone who completes the steps in the “Nominations Steps” section above will be included on the ballot for election. Steward elections will use approval voting.

Election begins: 9am UTC on December 10
Election ends: 9am UTC on December 15

Gitcoin Passport

If you have trouble submitting a proposal on Snapshot, please make sure you set up Gitcoin Passport first. You can set up your Gitcoin passport at

Video Walkthrough

Before creating a Snapshot vote, please watch this video walkthrough of the process.


If you have any questions about the Steward election or nominations, or if you need help setting up your Snapshot vote, please comment below or DM 5pence.eth on Twitter.

Forum Write-Access

In order to nominate yourself as a Steward, you must have write-access to all of the categories in the governance forum. Please submit the Participant Request form if you require write-access. If you have submitted the form and have not received a response it is because there is an invalid entry in your form. Please DM me on Twitter (@5pence_eth) to follow up with issues.


Nomination for 5pence.eth

  • Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
  • Preferred Name: Spence
  • Forum username: 5pence.eth
  • Twitter Profile: @5pence_eth


As a current Metagov steward, I’m proud of the work we’ve begun. I also feel there much more the Metagov working group needs to set in motion, and I’d like to have the opportunity to make that happen.

What do I believe:

  • I believe the steward role’s mission is to put into action the consensus formed by the DAO.
  • I believe in decentralization and the promise of a better system.
  • I believe ENS is an essential protocol for the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • I believe the ENS DAO’s mission is to protect the ENS protocol and ensure it’s longevity. In action, this looks like:
    • The endowment and treasury management
    • Ecosystem growth through funding and fellowships
    • Pay it forward (and backward) through public goods grants when possible
    • ENS community outreach and social inclusion

I also strongly believe that the ENS DAO’s life is only just beginning, and that we’re in a unique position to model the best functions, behaviors, and processes for other DAOs that are looking for examples to emulate.

Metagov is a crucial gear in this machine and I appreciate your consideration.


Just a quick note to state that I will not be renominating myself as a Meta-Gov Steward this term. Last term we had many highly qualified applicants, and I believe the DAO will do very well without me as a steward. I remain, of course, fully committed to ENS, and will be available to stewards (of any working group) for consultation as needed.


Also wanted to share a quick note that I will not be seeking reelection for personal reasons. It’s been the greatest honor to serve the DAO this past year, and I’m so proud of the work that has been done. :saluting_face:

I want to signal my strongest support for @5pence.eth as a steward for MG next year. I think 2024 will be a crucial one for Metagov-- any and all talent should consider nominating yourself/ other qualified candidates! My forum DMs are open for anyone who may have any questions about the experience!


Snapshot Endorsement Link

Your preferred name/ENS name: Alex Van de Sande (Avsa)
Forum username: Avsa
Twitter profile link (optional): @avsa

Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?
I have previously been a steward for Public Goods for two terms. I did not intend to run again, but recently I’ve found myself constantly wondering about ENS Governance and how to improve it. This led to the approval of 2 new social proposals for the Stream and new changes on the working group rules. These changes created new rules and responsibilties for stewards and it feels just that I should submit myself to them too. I hope to be a good overseer of the streams, and to help build better tools for ENS governance.

Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)

I have other work engagements and will not be a full time steward. If I am elected, I would prefer if the role of Lead Steward went to someone else.


Nomination for Kevin_Boardroom

  • Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
  • Preferred Name and /or ENS name: Kevin Nielsen / boardroomgov.eth
  • Forum username: Kevin_Boardroom
  • Twitter profile Link: @kevinknielsen

This account is posting on behalf of @Kevin_Boardroom (write-access requested).

Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?

As the founder of Boardroom, a governance data platform that integrates and contributes to multiple DAOs, I’ve been lucky to observe governance systems develop and diversify over the years. At Boardroom, we are deeply committed to fostering robust, inclusive, and effective governance within the ENS community, and I believe this extensive experience could uniquely position me to contribute meaningfully to the ENS governance process. With this learning in the background, as a steward, I’d like to help the working group develop processes to drive:

  1. Enhanced Community Engagement: deepening delegate engagement, retention, and compensation within ENS. Establishing a culture of active participation, encouraging more discussions and vibrant campaign efforts among stewards.
  2. Improved Information Accessibility: recognizing the challenge of staying abreast of developments, the goal is to leverage existing templates Boardroom has produced to create accessible governance updates and content. The goal is to minimize information asymmetry, ensuring that every ENS tokenholder is well-informed and capable of making educated decisions.
  3. Innovative Governance Practices: drive governance experimentation and continue to propose innovative approaches within ENS. This includes exploring flexible voting mechanisms, custom tooling, efficient use of working groups, and enhancing privacy in governance processes.

My experience across other ecosystems has revealed common challenges, such as information asymmetry, limited newcomer engagement, and low participation rates. As an external observer, I’ve been impressed with the progress made by the Metagovernance Working Group in fixing those and I’d like to help further that effort.

Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)

Boardroom Labs, Inc. integrates multiple DAOs into its data platform and developer tools and acts as a governance facilitator for a small handful as well. Boardroom is not a Delegate in any community and the team pushes to maintain neutrality in all aspects of any of our engagements.

I am expecting to have some support from the Boardroom team, but I will personally be driving initiatives as a steward. With extensive experience in supporting hundreds of DAOs, Boardroom brings experience in:

  • Governance System Audits: we continuously evaluate governance contracts, systems, and processes.
  • Governance Data: the Boardroom Governance API and governance client are key tools in the industry, providing valuable insights and data.
  • Industry-Wide Relationships: our connections with major DAOs position us to share best practices and insights across the ENS ecosystem.
  • Experience in tooling: the Boardroom team has collaborated with @zcf and the Agora team to integrate the Agora Governor upgrade at Optimism to enable the Approval voting mechanism.

Nomination for SpikeWatanabe.eth

Snapshot endorsement link

:green_circle: Preferred Name: SpikeWatanabe.eth

:green_circle: Forum username: SpikeWatanabe.eth

:green_circle: Twitter Profile: @spikewatanabe


:point_right: Top tier Economics education - University College London

:point_right: Experienced investment banker - worked in a number roles in auditing, private equity and financial consulting companies (combined value of projects where I participated in execution exceeds 1bn USD)

:point_right: Completed year of study in coding School 42 to better understand development process

:point_right: Wrote regular column in major news agency, notable publications include interview with Gavin Wood and coverage of Devcon 4

:point_right: OG Blockchain markets - began my early mining experiments in 2016

:point_right: 2018-2020 built investment fund focused on blockchain assets – conducted in depth research into protocols, nature of consensus and tokenomics // designed pitchbook and marketed fund to investors

ENS highlights

:star: ENS OG, first .eth name registered in 2018

:star: Volunteer support pre token issuance in discord chat for 6 months July 2021 – Dec 2021

:star: Delegate with 15K voting power 100% of which was acquired organically from small token holders appreciating my help as support volunteer. Initially during token issuance event my voting power stood at 60K, gradually decaying over time as people were selling their tokens. 15K is a very “dry” measure of support provided to me by over 1000 users (Tally profile)

:star: Created initial framework for ENS DAO financial planning and fund management

:star: Active participant and contributor within major DAO discussions such as choice of fund manager

What I’m looking to bring to the table

:brain: Strong work ethics – as investment banker I was trained to be diligent, pay extreme attention to detail and be committed to the task no matter the hours and effort required.

:brain: Integrity – I hold myself to high ethical standards: during my previous line of work as someone who was regularly given access to sensitive information it is naturally a basic requirement to be a person of integrity. I demonstrated to ENS community that I’m an honest person during my six months tenure as support volunteer.

:brain: I’m “blockchain finance savvy” and will have no problem building working relationship with Karpatkey. I was interviewed by KK in the past, they grilled me intensively via interviews and case study. Even though we could not finish the hiring process due to technical issues I still regard this as a successful milestone.

:brain: Project management – running extremely complicated projects under a very tight constrains both time and human resources wise taught me how to execute workflow efficiently. Exactly as Katherine suggested during the recent call, that successful MetaGov steward knows how to multitask. In my previous line of work I would routine execute single major project, and up to five aux task on the side. I will be happy to bring this skill to ENS DAO.

:brain: Intersection of expertise – I’m uniquely positioned to be a useful MetaGov steward as I’m situated at the intersection of “fiat” and “blockchain” worlds. Even though I’m not a lawyer by training, but bankers are also required to be able to align “economic” substance with legal documents. Proof reading share purchase agreements, making sure that contracts do not contradict broad legal framework are just some of the tasks I had to face. In that capacity I will able to assist in building DAO Bylaws.

Global goal

:bulb: Ideally what I would like to see is to transform ENS DAO into something similar to public company in terms of disclosure, efficiency and audit practices. I can clearly see that the intent to do this is present, because there is a lot of disclosure already available. The problem is that it’s scattered all over the place and it is relatively difficult for an “outsider” to put it all together. The goal here is build an annual report by the end the year, which would be similar to what public companies do.

This document will not carry any legal repercussions with it, as blockchain space is largely unregulated, however there is nothing stopping ENS DAO from self imposing highest standards of accountability. This work will increase transparency and add credibility to ENS DAO in the long run as well as set precedent for other DAOs.

We are looking to onboard several billions of people, for that to happen they need to understand what ENS is. I’m ideally positioned to execute this vision as in my previous line of work I would usually be situated at the intersection of all aspects of project be it legal, financial or managerial.

Personal statement

:dizzy: I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into building my reputation within ENS community as honest and hardworking person. Moreover I have necessary qualifications to excel as MetaGov steward. This is a very exciting opportunity and I’m taking it very seriously. To me this work has many angles - it is a very interesting challenge, opportunity to make an impact and do something meaningful, learn a lot in the process and build the cornerstone infrastructure project within universe of blockchain. Please consider my candidacy. I’m available to discuss any questions on twitter or forum and will be happy to talk you through any points.

Thank you!




I am writing to nominate myself, accessor.eth, for the role of Steward in the Meta-Governance Working Group of the ENS DAO.

Your preferred name/ENS name: accessor.eth

Forum username: accessor.eth

Twitter profile link : @ioevno


Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?

Ethereum Name Service DAO is arguably one of the most important entities in the web 3 space.
ENS DAO is a funding mechanism to provide and facilitate incentives for developers to implement ENS functionality into their services, platforms and websites. This DAO is responsible to oversee and guide projects from in the entire range of development stages. Some services will grow like we have never seen before and it’s important that you have stewards that think outside of the box and apply perspectives that propagate first class support for a first class blockchain.

Two years ago I decided that this project was something that I wanted to contribute to. I was completely ignorant of what a DAO was. Never heard of it or the concepts supporting. So I decided to challenge obvious social consensus about funding core Ethereum Developers through the Protocol Guild, with a reasonable presumption it would provide adamant sentiment. I received the sentiment and still resonates with me about the importance of supporting the contributors, the network and why public funding and grants play a critical role in the Ethereum Ecosystem development program.

Now I have become a top discussion contributor according to a ranking system by KarmaHQ.

I believe that the strength of our DAO lies in our collective wisdom, and as a Steward, I will ensure that this wisdom is always at the forefront of our decision-making processes. I believe that for us to grow and adapt to the evolving demands of the blockchain space, we must develop innovative and efficient solutions that enhance our scalability without compromising performance.

In me, you will find a candidate who is deeply invested in the ethos of this decentralized governance body. I bring a combination of native expertise, ethical commitment, and a vision for an ENS DAO where contribution will not go without notice.

What does a day look like for you accessor?

Naturally, I am very investigative. When a certain topic, post or tweet seems a little off, I will take further look at the matter. This most especially when ENS is a primary topic. I tend to cross reference information for anomalies in sybil attack situations, bad faith initiatives, ties to other illicit activity in the meta as well as check intellectual integrity. Although those are good skills to practice, application security is extremely important. If you have built an application with ENS, chances are that I’ve probably read all of your website code, github, technical documentation because your security is ENS security too.

What are some of your TODOs?

I have began working on a DAO Technical Manual that outlines Standard Operating Procedures.
This will add significant detail and explanations for unwritten consensus rules and practices and once implemented and practiced, it will be expected to alleviate any second hand concerns thus providing a more efficient workflow.

I want to push for reflective web services that translate from web 2 into an EVM compatible solution.

For example;

DNS has a feature outlined in RFC5155 which returns no data when a query is made instead of a text record. Essentially it’s a obfuscation and privacy method that would serve as great feature for ENS and users, if they choose. It can be implemented for subdomains on L2s and keep domain hierarchy out of the name spotlight while still being able to retain organization of and sub-name assets.

I want to push for flash meetings in an open conversation environment, audibly; in a less formal fashion to help invoke ideas and let ENS builders and users think tank with each other. I think this would be beneficial over the more common per-meditated podcast style spaces on twitter.

But first and most importantly, the health of the DAO is priority. Governance isn’t always easy and decisions must be made by those who are willing to be accountable and take responsibility via their position in an authoritative manner. Again, not always easy but It does not have to be complex. I want to make sure that all participants are having a good experience when interacting with ENS DAO.

I currently have the agency to dedicate myself to this role for the next year and I humbly ask for your support in my nomination as a Steward for the Meta-Governance Working Group.

  • I value documentation practices to provide transparency and accountability.
  • I will always communicate and continue to do so until mutual consensus of members has been obtained.
  • I will do my best to answer any questions that may arise.
  • I am here to help you as a professional and I am here to help you as a human.
  • I want to help you succeed in your contributions to ENS

:keyboard: @deepnode (tg)


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accessor.eth /s/


Your preferred name/ENS name:trav.eth
Forum username: workfromhome.eth
Twitter profile link (optional): @thesingularityx
Link to Snapshot: (Snapshot)

Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?

With great enthusiasm that I submit my candidacy to serve as a Steward in the ENS Meta-Governance Working Group.

My professional journey, spanning over 15 years in diverse technical fields, has equipped me with a unique blend of skills and perspectives crucial for this role. After dedicating years to the Australian Navy and the Swedish Space Corporation, I transitioned into the fast moving world of Web3, founding techsingularity.eth to guide individuals and companies through the labyrinth of decentralized technologies.

Vision for ENS DAO:

As a steward candidate for the ENS DAO Meta-Governance Working Group, my vision is to enhance our governance frameworks, making them more inclusive, efficient, and transparent. I aim to lead initiatives that not only expand ENS’s reach but also solidify its role as a pioneer in decentralized governance. This involves refining our operational processes and actively engaging the community in governance matters.

Operational Contribution:

With my experience in project management and technical operations, I plan to bring a streamlined approach to the Working Group. I’ll focus on optimizing governance processes and systems, ensuring they are both effective and adaptable. My goal is to help ENS DAO set new standards in decentralized governance, balancing technological advancement with robust and participatory governance.

Community Engagement and Contributions:

As an active participant in the ENS community, I have consistently engaged in discussions. My contributions reflect a deep understanding of the technical, social, and ethical dimensions of blockchain and decentralized technologies. I am committed to fostering a dialogue that is both forward-thinking and grounded in the practical realities of implementing decentralized solutions.

Commitment to the Role:

I am fully dedicated to the responsibilities that come with being a Steward. I understand the demands of this role and am prepared to adapt my schedule to meet its requirements. My current engagements are aligned in such a way that they complement, rather than conflict with, the responsibilities of a Steward.

Being based in CST, I am well-positioned to collaborate effectively with a global team, ensuring timely and impactful contributions.

Closing Statement:

In conclusion, my candidacy for the Meta-Governance Steward role is driven by a genuine passion for decentralized governance and a belief in the transformative potential of ENS. With my background in both technical fields and the Web3 space, I am uniquely equipped to contribute meaningfully to the ENS DAO.

I look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with the community, steering ENS towards a future marked by innovation, inclusivity, and sustained growth.

Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)
No conflicts or existing engagements.

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  • Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
  • Preferred Name and/or ENS name: daemon.eth (Donnie)
  • Forum username: @don.nie

Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?

I’ve been a follower/user/missionary of ENS nearly from inception! I proudly acquired my first name in 2017, and have helped many others acquire theirs since. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to get intimately involved with ENS DAO as scribe, and have been blown away by the quality of work, commitment to mission, and love for the protocol. I’ve seen dozens of DAOs operate in my role as co-founder of (DAO management platform) and cannot resist the opportunity to bring much of what I’ve learned to ENS and make it even better. Importantly, I want humanity to take back their digital identity, and ENS is at the forefront of this revolution.

Furthermore, I believe I’m uniquely qualified to act in service of the ENS DAO as a MetaGov steward as a result of my history in crypto, DAOs, ENS, and the skills I’ve gained as a crypto founder and former army officer.

History in crypto

In 2017, after reading an article about Ethereum, I became enamored with the societal benefits of decentralization and the mission of bringing digital sovereignty to the masses. As a result, I joined ConsenSys, working in the Office of the Founder as a strategy lead. During this time, I was witness to an explosion of ideas, protocols, dapps, and DAOs. The concept of decentralized organizations was especially close to my heart as I believed, and still believe, that a key to unlocking human flourishing exists in the “way we work.” I met two-like minded co-founders and we started, one of the first DAO operations tools. During this time, I captured my initial thoughts on the Future of Work in this document.

History in DAOs

As a result of creating, I became obsessed with DAOs and how they are managed. I co-wrote and conducted research with RnDAO and others on the most effective practices for DAO operations (an example). Many DAOs use Sobol (see our DAOrectory here), and as a result I have witnessed numerous different organizational styles and organizing methods. What I want to make clear is that I have seen first hand what makes for positive and negative DAO operations. I will have the ability to start 2024 ready to tackle the opportunities and challenges for ENS.

History in ENS

I’ve utilized the ENS protocol for over six years, having delegated my ENS tokens after the airdrop to ensure the protocol remained positively managed. I’ve referred countless individuals to ENS as I believe it’s the best way to onboard people to their first dapp, while giving them an understanding of what it means to actually own their identity. Also, I’ve been a scribe on all of the ENS working group calls. As a result, I am up to speed on the current initiatives, pain points, and future opportunities for the DAO.

Service to Metagov

During the previous Metagov weekly call, the current stewards noted that in the next term stewards should be focused on “formalizing the rules of the DAO as governance is a core responsibility of Metagov.” The stewards also recognized that “project management, communication, and the ability to coordinate among many stakeholders” are crucial competencies for this role.

As someone who has built DAO tooling, studied DAO governance, and worked remotely across time zones and cultures, I feel prepared to take on this challenge. Despite the stereotypes of army officers depicted in Hollywood, earning respect and affecting change in a diverse group does not come from yelling. Over my career, I’ve learned that getting a group to tackle challenges comes from listening, rational debate, and leading from the front. As an effective remote worker for six years, I also understand how to overcome the challenges of working together when not sharing a physical space.


I would be honored to contribute to the legacy of ENS as a MetaGov steward. My life experiences have given me the skill sets to effectively accomplish the required tasks needed for a successful MetaGov term. I want humanity to take back their digital identity, and ENS is at the forefront of this revolution.


Nominate estmcmxci.eth

Why do you want to be a Steward of this Working Group?

I aim to build on the momentum and success of previous Meta-Governance Stewards and take the lead in ongoing DAO initiatives. Over the past 100 weeks, I have contributed to the DAO in various capacities, each offering unique insights and progress:

Proposal for 2024 Meta-Governance Term

I propose the following agenda and priorities as a focus for the new Working Group term, and I will endeavor to execute each of the following:

  1. Draft ENS DAO Bylaws: Secure a qualified individual to draft the ENS DAO Bylaws.
  2. .eth Registrar Controller Vulnerabilities: Resolve vulnerabilities, specifically in the .eth registrar controller.
  3. Name Normalization Refund: Implement the Name Normalization Refund.
  4. Root Key Transfer: Implement the root key transfer to the DAO.
  5. Service Provider Management: Work with Stewards to manage incoming Service Providers.
  6. Centralized Work Hub for Stewards: Create a centralized (yes, I said it) work hub for Stewards to streamline communications and increase the level of accountability.
  7. DAO Tooling and Delegate Communication: Continue improving DAO tooling and enhance regular communications with Delegates.
  8. Public Goods Funding Continuity: Ensure the continuity of Public Goods funding and expand outreach to other Public Good initiatives.
  9. Steward Role Guidelines: Establish clear guidelines for Steward roles and improve the legibility of working environments overall.
  10. ENS Governance Improvement: Improve ENS Governance by delegating locked ENS (voting power) to noteworthy DAO contributors (originally an idea by @AvsA).
  11. Documentation and Narrative Creation: Update documentation for developers and governance, and create compelling narratives to excite and encourage new builders to build on ENS (
  12. Weekly Office Hours: Establish weekly office hours on ENS DAO social accounts to build rapport with the community at large.

Any other information you wish to share with Delegates (e.g. potential conflicts or existing engagements)

I am all in on ENS and would be delighted to serve in this capacity. Any questions, reach out on Telegram.