The first 50 days of the Q1/Q2 2022 term

The Q1/Q2 2022 term will run from Jan 16 to Jun 30.

Steward Responsibilities

Each of the four working groups now has a steward council. In the first 50 days of the term, stewards will be responsible for the following:

  • Draft and maintain a description of the WG that sets forth the focus and intent of the WG.
  • Develop WG goals for the term.
  • Submit a proposal to request funding for each working group.
  • Facilitate the creation of subgroups within each WG.

Funding Window

The first funding window of this term would ordinarily be open in the last 15 days of January. Stewards of the four working groups have agreed to enact Rule 6.2 of EP4, which allows for a funding request to be made to the DAO outside of a standard funding window.

The new dates related to an funding request proposal are:
21 February: Date a collective executable proposal is submitted onchain, on Tally.
14 February: The latest date each working group must submit an offchain vote, on Snapshot, in order to be included in the collective executable proposal if passed.

14 Feb 22: update on the dates for the funding request proposal(s)

Stewards have agreed to postpone onchain funding proposal submissions to take place during the standard funding window in the last 15 days of March, under rule 6.0 of EP4. Snapshot votes from each working group will also be postponed from the previously agreed 14 February, to 28 February.

28 February: The date each working group will submit on offchain vote on Snapshot, in order to be included in the collective executable funding request proposal.
15 March: Date a collective executable proposal is submitted onchain, on Tally.


Within each WG there will be subgroups that focus on initiatives and projects that are important for the maintenance and development of the ENS ecosystem.

To create a subgroup, any community member with write-access to the forum is able to request a new subcategory be created by a steward in a ‘General Discussion’ post in the relevant WG category. To request write-access, please complete this form.

A subgroup might have a particular function, be focused on a specific initiative, or simply be a topic of interest. Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors. If you have an idea for a subgroup and are looking for a sounding board, please reach out to one of the stewards of the relevant WG.

Resource Requests

Once a subgroup has been created, the lead coordinator of that subgroup may submit a resource request to stewards of the WG. Please create a post in the ‘Resource Requests’ subcategory, in the relevant working group category, outlining the following:

  • Name of the subgroup
  • Deliverable
  • Budget requested

WG lead coordinators

Meta-Governance: TBC
ENS Ecosystem: TBC
Community: @Coltron.eth
Public Goods: TBC

Please tag the lead coordinator for the relevant WG in your resource request post.

If you do not yet have write-access to all of the categories on the forum, and cannot reply to this thread, please complete this form for access.


Is the budget going to be requested in ETH, $ENS, or fiat (probably in USD)?

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I imagine the budget for each working group will be requested in a mix of $ENS, ETH, and USDC.

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The ENS Ecosystem working group will be holding open discussions in the Discord voice channel and on Twitter Spaces to work towards these outcomes.

For any questions regarding the ENS Ecosystem working group please feel free to reach out to @Ginge.eth, @bobjiang, or myself.

The below will be updated as progress is made.

  • Focus and intent of the ecosystem WG:
  • Ecosystem WG goals:
  • Funding request for ecosystem WG:
  • Ecosystem Subgroups: