Endowment Monthly Reports

After the joint proposal between @karpatkey and @Steakhouse was elected by the endowment RFP process, karpatkey is now managing the Endowment and Steakhouse is providing financial reporting.

After several months of hard work on our reporting engine, we are pleased to announce the launch of the monthly Endowment reporting section, following the July announcement.

Monthly Report

The new reports feature a detailed outlook on how the treasuries of the DAOs we work with are being managed. This is a token of our commitment to transparency and one more step towards increased automation.

Each month, a link to the web report will be posed on this topic. Reports will also be available in the reports section of the karpatkey web.

Our new reporting format introduces additional sections that aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of the Endowment’s performance. Them being:

  • Summary
  • Balance overview
  • Treasury Variation
  • Farming Funds and Results
  • Token Detail

The Endowment report for the month of July is already out and available in karpatkey’s web.

Next Steps

We are commited to improving and enhancing the monthly reports, allowing for quick insights into our work and the treasuries we manage.


The August Endowment report has been released and can be accessed on karpatkey’s website.

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