ENS DAO Newsletter #5 - 05/01/2022

:wave: WELCOME!

Hello and welcome to the Ethereum Name Service DAO Newsletter! Join us today at 4 PM EDT for our first ever Post-newsletter Press Room on the DAO News Twitter. I will be around to answer questions and comments.

Sorry for the missing it yesterday. The Press Room space will be at 4 PM EDT time today instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!

New editions are published on the 1st and 15th of each month on the ENS DAO Forum, Substack, and Twitter. We encourage any feedback, questions, or comments!

Also coming soon - ENS DAO Social Club - Currently scheduled for May 8, 11 EDT on Twitter Spaces. This space is indented to be a place for the ENS community to relax and have fun in a carefree Twitter Space. BYOB. DBAD or you’ll ruin it for everyone.

LAST call to claim $ENS airdrop tokens!

There is only a few days remaining to claim your $ENS airdrop if you haven’t done so already! The snapshot took place on Oct 31, 2021. You can check if you’re eligible at claim.ens.domains. After May 4th outstanding $ENS will be sent back to treasury!

ENS NFTs - Drop 3!

The 10k Club

This past week the 10k Club purchased all variations of 000-999 and 0000-9999! The event generated around 3 million USD for DAO funds and contributed to the DAO racing towards to 1 million names registered mark!

The 10k Club dropped a POAP to commemorate this event. All addresses that had minted or owned a name at the block is eligible to claim. For information on this POAP, you can check out their official Twitter, @10kClubOfficial

ENS DAO Governance

EP9: Onchain voting has been passed and executed on Tally!
This proposal replaced the legacy price oracle with one that uses an exponential decay for expired names - meaning their premium will start at $100M and halve daily for 21 days until reaching zero. View the the Snapshot proposal for more information.

EP10: Community member @rocco has provided Updates on EP10 - Community Run Identity Server (Mid-April)

EP11: Onchain voting is underway on Tally!
This proposal formally ends the original $ENS airdrop and the community amendment, “EP2”

Visit the ENS Snapshot page for details regarding the most recent proposals.

For details on the ENS DAO proposal process see our Governance Docs.

:newspaper: Working Group News

If you would like to contribute to the development of ENS, please contact a Steward.

:busts_in_silhouette: Community

Community WG Operations

  • The Community Working Group is using Parcel!
    • The first contributor and steward compensation payments for the Community WG have been executed successfully, and we have provided feedback to the Parcel team about this process.
    • Scheduled contributor and steward payment requests will be reviewed at the last steward meeting of every month.
    • The Community WG has only used ~16% of their entire term budget. Balance and transactions are publicly available via Gnosis Safe.
  • RFPs have been discussed on the forum. The Community WG will most likely shepherd an RFP for the ENS Merch store. No timelines have been identified, but @coltron.eth has created a thread on Discord to help facilitate the draft process. If anyone wants to take on the manager role for this RFP, please step up!

@estmcmxci is indicating interest, and has drafted an RFP for ENS DAO CoC ENS DAO Code of Conduct (Budget Request) - HackMD.


  • @vegayp is taking on the onboarding initiative as the Lead Contributor! He has been super instrumental in bringing ideas from his previous experience in other organizations and has always been willing to help out.
  • The main focus is still on building a coordination layer using Zenhub. A list of GitHub users has been generated, and we are awaiting set-up. Coordination will help everyone in the DAO see work being performed, provide information on how to get involved, and give a better picture of what the DAO is currently working on. Check out a screenshot of the Zenhub Dashboard.
  • Weekly Onboarding continues to happen every Friday at 1:30 EST, hosted by @vegayp and @coltron.eth. The meeting is a one-hour open conversation about the ENS DAO. Join via Google Meet.

Communications Subgroup

  • The Community Office Hours Summaries

Contributor Spotlight

  • Coltron to be featured as first contributor on bi-weekly Contributor Spotlight to be published on the DAOs News outlets.
  • @estmcmxci to run this initiative and interview different contributors from the DAOs working groups.
  • ENS DAO to post on Mirror.
  • Newsletter release on Twitter Spaces on May 1 and May 8; May 8 to bring on Contributor Spotlight and interview during Twitter Space.

Translation Subgroup

  • @estmcmxci and @coltron.eth ran into a roadblock with the Crowdin integration. Our current GitHub structure does not work as expected. They are looking for alternative solutions and have included @nick.eth in this process.

Code of Conduct

[Editor’s note: waiting for more information]

:arrows_counterclockwise: Ecosystem

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

  • The Meta-Governance Working Group conducted two calls during April, and summaries by @alisha.eth can be found for the discussions here.

:white_check_mark: Public Goods

:handshake: Onboard to the ENS DAO!

:lock: Security Tip

Recently the official Instagram and Discord accounts of major projects have been compromised, leading to millions of dollars in losses. Always exercise extreme caution with maters involving your finance and cybersecurity.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Market News

Ethereum Numbering Service

  • “Number mania” is sweeping the ENS Secondary market - with limited communities such as the “999 Club” and “10K Club” spring up - made up of holders of the naturally scare ENS domain names. According to the Twitter account ENS Sales Bot, the top five .eth name sales of the past two weeks were:
    • 555.eth - 55.5Ξ (~$155,000)
    • 008.eth - 20.0Ξ (~$55,000)
    • 006.eth - 19.6Ξ (~$54,500)
    • 163.eth - 18.0Ξ (~$50,000)
    • 363.eth - 17.0Ξ (~$47,000)

(approximate exchange rate as of May 1, 2022)

Thank you very much for reading! Until next time, take care of yourself. :wave:


Sorry for the missing it yesterday. The Press Room space will be at 4 PM EDT time today instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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