ENS subgraph migration to the decentralised version

As discussed in the ecosystem weekly call this week,
the graph protocol recently announced their plan of deprecating the hosted version (due on June 12th), Edge and Node (the initial team behind The Graph), ENS labs and ENS ecosystem DAO worked together to come up with the transition plan.

If your app uses the ENS subgraph, please change the end point accordingly

Based on the current usage, ENS DAO Ecosystem Working Group is planning to cover the query fee. Please setup your own billing first and contact the Ecosystem Working Group once your API key once the usage exceeds their 100k monthly free tier ). Please bear in mind that each key will have usage limit. To prevent hitting the usage limit, please follow “Querying best practices to reduce query fee” guide.

To make it easy to use ENS subgraph for casual use cases such as hackathons and experimentation, we are considering to offer a community API key with some usage and rate limit.
We will update our doc once the API key is ready for use.


  • Do I need to give credit card to start using the Graph Studio = No
  • What about test networks like Sepolia? = They are currently running on the sandbox version of the graph studio with rate limiting. We will be staying