Minutes for Meta-Gov Meeting, November 15th, 2022


A) General DAO/Meta-Governance Updates (Meeting scheduling)
B) Endowment Updates @nick.eth (Finalist and Voting Update, presentation by avantgarde)
C) DAO-Tooling @alisha.eth
D) Reserved for Open Discussion

Meeting Link: meet.google.com/sgh-tjju-wxc
Meta-Gov Stewards: @nick.eth @simona_pop @Coltron.eth

Call Minutes

Attendees: Luca Mossini, matoken.eth, Mona El Lisa, Nick Johnson, Sam Bronstein, Shreyas Hariharan, Spike Watanabe, zadok7.eth, Wolfram, Chris Powers, Daniel Shlabach, dcb2kl, vegayp.eth, Erin Koen, Greg Skriloff, Khori Whittaker.

A) General DAO/Meta-Governance Updates

The DAO will have no working group meetings during the upcoming holiday period. With this schedule modification, only working groups have two calls for the year.

  • No working group meetings will occur during the following timeframes:
    • November 21-25th
    • December 12-30th

Check DAO Calendar for the most up-to-date meeting links and call times.

Also, November 15th marked the one-year anniversary of the ratification of the ENS DAO. :partying_face:

B) Endowment Updates

The ENS Endaoment vote is scheduled to go live on November 18th with three finalists. The finalist are Avantgarde, Karpatkey & Steakhouse Financial, and Llama x Alastor. This vote will conclude the RFP process initiated with [EP2.2.4]. The voting strategy used will be ranked choice with an option for voters to select “None of the above” if they do not approve of any finalist.

  • Avantgarde presented the details of their proposal on this call. A deck can be reviewed here, as well as their final proposal.
    • Question: Has Avantgarde performed an MLN swap before?
    • No, this is a unique situation. This will be an option that will go to the DAO for a vote as an option and is not required.

C) DAO-Tooling

DAO tooling updates are currently being coordinated by @alisha.eth. An ENS Agora site is scheduled to go live within the next week.

  • The ENS Labs team has released a “Year in Review” that allows wallets that hold one or more $ENS tokens or have delegated during the past year to view 2022 voting statistics. These wallets can also claim a POAP to commemorate their participation in ENS DAO Governance.
  • The previously released forum banner that displays active proposals on Discourse will be redesigned. This week the Karma team was provided with the design to implement. Dom from ENS Labs provided design support. Figma.
  • Gas-free delegation is now available for one month at delegate.ens.domains.
    • Making this a year-round feature was discussed on this call. This has support, but the details of implementation have not been finalized.

D) Reserved for Open Discussion

  • None
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