ENS DAO Newsletter #20 - 11/22/2022

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Hello and welcome to the Ethereum Name Service DAO Newsletter!

New editions are published every Tuesday at 3 PM ET (8 PM UTC).
This newsletter is available on the ENS DAO Governance Forum, Substack, and Twitter.

:newspaper: Newswire

Do you have a hot tip? An ecosystem project that deserves attention? Or just want to shill the next domain trend to us? We’ve opened up a public newswire for just that. Send us your best stories and we’ll put a spotlight on those that we believe will have the greatest impact on ENS Ecosystem sustainability and development.

Submit your story now.

:dart: Editorial Bounty

We are now opening a bounty for articles + editorial coverage of events, interviews, and guest writer features.

This is a call for multilingual writers who wish to publish content in their native language. We have published editorials in English and Spanish, and are seeking more participation in non-English language long-form writing.

For more information, reach out to us by email (alternate email) or dm us on Twitter.

:ballot_box: Recent Proposals

Proposal Vote Discussion
[Social] [EP2.2.5] Selection of an ENS Endowment Fund Manager Snapshot Discussion

The Endowment’s goal is to ensure the long-term viability of ENS by ensuring it can meet its ongoing financial obligations even in the face of reduced ETH price and registration/renewal revenue.

For details on the proposal process see our Governance Docs.

:spiral_calendar: ENS Calendar

Keep up with important dates by subscribing to the ENS DAO’s calendar. The Working Group Stewards have restructured meeting times for Q4 2022:

Working Group Time Day Location
Meta-Governance 8pm UTC Tuesday Google Meet
Ecosystem 5pm UTC Thursday Google Meet
Public Goods 6pm UTC Thursday Google Meet

No working group meetings will take place the week of November 21st. Additionally, there will not be any working group calls from December 16th through the New Year to accommodate the holiday schedule and onboard new stewards.

:memo: Ecosystem Updates

:hatching_chick: DAO Endowment

The Meta-Gov stewards have chosen Karpatkey, Avantgarde, and Llama as finalists. On November 18th, these finalists were put before a DAO vote to determine the winner.

This vote ends shortly after publication. The results will be available on Snapshot after the vote has concluded.

For more information on the Endowment, visit the ENS DAO Forum.

:billed_cap: ENS Merch

General Magic has launched the ENS DAO’s official merch store. ENS DAO merch is now available for ENS domain holders at ensmerchshop.xyz, while supplies last.

:moneybag: ENS Small Grants

November rounds are underway!

ENS DAO Small Grants allow $ENS holders to vote on projects to receive funding, sponsored by the Public Goods and Ecosystem working groups.

There are two categories:

  • Ecosystem - Projects that specifically build on or improve the ENS Ecosystem.
  • Public Goods - Projects that benefit the entire Ethereum or Web3 space.

The top five submissions in each category will receive 1 ETH! Rounds run every month and all are welcome to submit a project for consideration.

The submission period for November ends shorty after publication. If you missed it this time, you will have another chance next month. View the submissions now!

:newspaper: Working Group News

:balance_scale: Meta-Governance

The Meta-Gov Working Group hosted its weekly meeting on November 15th at 8PM UTC.

Meeting minutes are linked below:

General DAO/Meta-Governance Updates

The DAO will have no working group meetings during the upcoming holiday period. With this schedule modification, working groups only have two calls for the remainder of the year.

No working group meetings will occur during the following timeframes:

  • November 21-25th
  • December 12-30th

Check the DAO Calendar for the most up-to-date meeting links and call times.

ENS DAO Constitution One-Year Anniversary

November 15th marked the one-year anniversary of the ratification of the ENS DAO Constitution. :partying_face: The ENS constitution is a set of binding rules that determine what governance actions are legitimate for the DAO to take.

A year ago, the @ENS_DAO Constitution was ratified with votes from 83k voters!

Since then, 69k wallets have participated in ENS DAO governance, by delegating $ENS to active Delegates 🤯$ENS Delegators can review their year of governance + claim a POAPhttps://t.co/qnAesXCUIQ pic.twitter.com/AjvcARI7aE

— ens.eth (@ensdomains) November 16, 2022

$ENS Delegators can review their year of governance and claim a POAP.

Endowment Updates

The ENS Endaoment vote went live on November 18th with three finalists. The finalists are Avantgarde, Karpatkey & Steakhouse Financial, and Llama x Alastor. This vote will conclude the RFP process initiated with [EP2.2.4]. The voting strategy used will be ranked choice with an option for voters to select “None of the above” if they do not approve of any finalist.

On November 22th, ENS DAO hosted a Space where finalists and the community gathered to discuss the vote. The recording is below:


— ensdao.eth (@ENS_DAO) November 21, 2022

The vote closes on November 23, 2022 at 12:00AM UTC.


DAO tooling updates are currently being coordinated by @alisha.eth. An ENS Agora site is scheduled to go live within the next week.

  • The ENS Labs team has released a “Year in Review” that allows wallets that hold one or more $ENS tokens or have delegated during the past year to view 2022 voting statistics. These wallets can also claim a POAP to commemorate their participation in ENS DAO Governance.
  • The previously released forum banner that displays active proposals on Discourse will be redesigned. This week the Karma team was provided with the design to implement. Dom from ENS Labs provided design support.
  • Gas-free delegation is now available for one month at delegate.ens.domains.
    View or change your delegation now!

:arrows_counterclockwise: Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Working Group hosted its weekly meeting on November 17th at 5PM UTC.

Meeting minutes are linked below:

ENS Project Highlights

The ecosystem working group hosts project presentations during every call. If you’re hacking on an idea and have something to present, you’re invited to share. To present, reach out to an ecosystem steward directly or reply to the weekly agenda. Presentations generally last 3-5 minutes.

  • Org3, presented by 64bits.eth and julieshi.eth, a subdomain-based access control web3 organization management tool.
  • ENSRedirect.xyz presented by Hellen Stans, a tool to redirect your ENS domain to websites that you control.
  • EZ ENS presented by slobo.eth, a tool that allows users to set their primary name with a simple user interface.
  • Badge3 presented by Ivan Rossi, a project that creates a way for professionals to connect using profiles built on ENS records and an integrated chat feature.

Update from DM3

The DM3 update was presented by Steffen Kux. DM3 is a decentralized messaging protocol that uses ENS names as usernames and profiles.

  • Specification v0.3 is the latest release.
  • Q4 Roadmap goals were laid out in this slideshow presented on the call.
  • Overlapping and additional information has been provided by Steffen, and is available in this forum discussion.

Upcoming Events with ENS Involvement

  • The Crypties - November 30, 2022. The ENS DAO was put forth as a nominee for the 2022 DAO of the Year Award.
  • ETHIndia - December 2-4, 2022. Hackathon sponsorship and booth.

:desktop_computer: ENS Core Updates

Updates are provided weekly by an ENS Labs team member. This week’s updates were provided by Makoto and Jeff Lau.

The Name Wrapper

  • Audit round 3 will start with Code4Rena next week.
  • The rough timeline for release is January.
  • Two bugs were found by premm.eth and lcfr.eth. These have since been corrected.

Front-End Updates

  • The manager is still actively being worked on, and a project manager has been hired.

New Hires - See the Tweet or Forum Post
Several new hires were onboarded to the ENS Labs team. These new hires include four community-focused roles:

:white_check_mark: Public Goods

The Public Goods Working Group hosted its weekly meeting on November 17th at 6PM UTC.

Meeting minutes are linked below:

Small Grants

The November Small Grants is now live at ensgrants.xyz. Be sure to make your submissions before 6 pm UTC on November 23rd.

PG Fellowship/Award

The working group will be sponsoring a Public Goods Fellowship. This program will provide a monthly stream for one year (!) to nominated individuals. The nomination period will commence on November 28th and run for one week.

  • Nominations will take place via Typeform and will be consolidated by the stewards and put to a vote on Snapshot.

Submission and voting schedule:

  • Nov. 28th - December 5th: Nominations open and announcement/reminder in PG WG mtg about nominations
  • Dec. 7-10th: voting opens and announcement/reminder in PG WG mtg about voting

:handshake: Get Involved

Gas Free Delegation:

Throughout the month of November, the ENS DAO is offering gas free delegation for holders of at least 100 ENS tokens. To manage your delegations, visit the official delegation portal.


Thank you very much for reading! See you next Tuesday! :wave: