Minutes for Weekly Meta-Gov Meeting, October 18th, 2022


Meeting Link: meet.google.com/sgh-tjju-wxcj
Term #2 Elected Stewards : @nick.eth , @simona_pop , and @Coltron.eth

A) General DAO Announcements
B) ENS Endaoment (Update and intros by Llama and Karpatkey).
C) SAFE Token Delegation Strategy
D) DAO Tooling (Proposal Automation, Reporting)
E) Open space for other Meta-Governance related topics

Note: This call takes place on Tuesday instead of Monday. See the DAO Master Calendar for any questions on call times.

Call Minutes

Attendees: 0x d24, Adrian Cachinero Vasiljevic, alisha.eth, anthonyware.eth, avsa.eth, Daniel Schlabach, ENS Punk, Facundo Pelaez, Gene Cheung, Jordan Stastny, Kai,Marcelo Ruiz de Olano, nick.eth, Ruca Sousa Marques, Sebastien Derivaux, Shreyas Hariharan, elbagococina, gregskril.eth, hellenstans.eth, mark phillips, simona.eth, sisyphos, taran, yambo.eth

A) General DAO Announcements

  • ENS Grants is live for the next four days. Proposal submissions are open now until October 24th at 6 pm GMT. Voting begins October 24th at 11:59 pm GMT.
  • For feedback on ENS Projects or websites, please use www.ensfeedback.xyz.

B) ENS Endaoment (Update and intros by Llama and Karpatkey).

C) SAFE Token Delegation Strategy

  • Safe tokens will be delegated to the Public Good working group temporarily until a DAO-wide vote takes place for choosing a delegation strategy.

D) DAO Tooling (Proposal Automation, Reporting)

Proposal Automation

  • nick.eth is looking to increase proposal automation, potentially using a GitHub bot that automates both governance doc updates and forum posts.
  • alish.eth volunteered to look into sourcing this work. Moonshot collective may have been working on this.
  • If you would like to undertake this type of work, please respond to this thread. This automation via GitHub actions, or reusable app, could be used as a general public good for many DAOs.


  • We are looking to increase DAO transparency with a dune dashboard. alisha.eth has connected with a few developers who would be able to build out a bespoke dashboard for the DAO
    • The specifications for this dashboard are still being worked on and will be posted in the forum to gain feedback and input from the community.


  • Similar to the free redelegation period in May, we will make the redelegation of votes free for the whole month of November. This bi-annual cadence should be expected for the foreseeable future.


  • Discussed Nouns Agora.
  • Discussed temporary shutdown following upcoming steward elections to allow the DAO a period of lesser activities before the first term of 2023.

E) Open space for other Meta-Governance related topics