Sign in with Ethereum - WordPress Plugin

An official WordPress Plugin. Yes “login with your Ethereum wallet” I came across the only such plugin at WP about a year. THEN I came across SIWE (Sign In With Ethereum) What a great project which to my understanding is already working with ENS. I absolutely love that people can use their eth web identities on web2 content management systems like that of the most popular open source CMS WordPress If you just google the stats for the number of web sites that use Wordpress, and Woocommerce I think everyone would agree that [Sign in with Ethereum] it’s a super easy way to onboard people. Most of you here have signed into a dapp or web page using SIWE. It’s performing now, so why not? With a couple of clicks, a plugin opens up millions of web site and users to the world of blockchain. Web3 in not going to come all at once and I don’t think it should. If I knew how to code I would be working on a SIWE plugin right now. I will help in any way I can to make this happen. I can still remember how awesome it felt to have my first site talking to Ethereum. I even had a bounty to import “blockies” as a fall back from the avatars. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for your consideration. James-Matthew I can send anyone who wants to try the current “ethpress” login a link to try it on my test site.


100% I love the idea of signing in with Ethereum for everything and trust it for being the future of authentication. Dumb question, but is this on chain or off chain? Does signing in with Ethereum mean that I have to pay gas every time?


Nope. That’s just signing with your address so no gas fees are required. That’s why this is an awesome idea.