Steward nomination: Public Goods working group

This post relates to steward nominations for the Public Goods working group of the ENS DAO, for the first term of 2022.

Please see this post for context on how steward nominations and steward elections will work.

The steward nomination window will be open from 9am UTC on January 5, 2022 to 9am UTC on January 9, 2022.

For an individual to be elected as a working group steward, they must:

  1. Nominate yourself as a steward during the nomination window; and
  2. Receive 10k votes in support of your nomination to be included on the ballot for the steward election; and
  3. Be one of the top three ranked nominees in the steward election for a particular working group.

Stewards will carry out responsibilities related to the administration and operation of working groups, as set out in EP4, under Rule 4.5.

Any person is eligible to nominate themselves to be a steward of a working group during the nomination window.

In order to nominate yourself as a steward, you must have write-access to all of the categories in the governance forum. Please submit the Participant Request form if you require write-access. If you have submitted the form and have not received a response it is because there is an invalid entry in your form. Please resubmit the Participant Request form.


To nominate yourself as a steward, follow these three steps:

  1. Reply to this post with the following information:
  • Link to Snapshot: (fill this in after Step 2)
  • Preferred Name:
  • ENS name:
  • Forum username:
  • Twitter (optional):
  • Why do you want to be a steward of this working group?
  1. Create a Snapshot vote in the ENS WG Steward Nomination space here. Select “New Proposal” and use the following template:
  • Title: [Name of working group] Nominate [your name]
    example: [Public Goods] Nominate alisha.eth
  • Body: copy and past your forum reply from above which includes your preferred name, ENS name, forum username, Twitter profile link (optional), and why you want to be a steward of this working group.
  • Select the start date and time as your current local date and time
  • Select the end date as the equivalent of 9am UTC Jan 9 in your local time
  • For help converting timezones, you can consult this website.
  1. Once you have replied and created a Snapshot vote, you can edit your forum post and include a link to your Snapshot vote.

After successfully nominating yourself to be a steward, you are able to campaign for 10k votes in support of your nomination on Snapshot. Any nominee with 10k votes supporting their steward nomination will be included in the ballot for the steward election.

The steward election will start at 9am UTC on January 10, 2022 and remain open for 120 hours. The role of steward in the relevant working group will be offered to nominees based on the order in which they are ranked within the working group election.

Please post any questions in this thread and reserve replies to this post for nominations only. If you would prefer to chat in Discord, please comment in the Steward Nomination thread under the #DAO-chat channel, and tag alisha.eth.

  • Link to Snapshot: (fill this in after Step 2)
  • Preferred Name: Prem
  • ENS name: Premm.eth
  • Forum username: Premm.eth
  • Twitter (optional): @nxt3d
  • Why do you want to be a steward of this working group?

I want to support the development of ENS to make it the Web3 standard for naming. In the future, not only will every user of Web3 have a personal ENS name, but also every NFT (including images, audio recordings, videos, 3D objects, and documents), every smart contract, and every physical asset (including vehicles, retail products, real estate, and machines).

As a steward of the ENS DAO Public Goods working group, I will be bringing my years of experience in digital art and design and my passion for the principles of Web3, including decentralization, autonomy, sovereign ownership, and permission-less systems.

I also have web development experience and have always worked at the intersection of art, design, and software. I am connected in several communities, including the New York art and design world, in which I have worked for nearly 15 years as a 3D designer. I also have experience working with inventors, including designing for 3D printing and patents. I personally hold several patents for technologies including AI, VR, and 3D printing.

When I first learned about ENS, I realized that it had the potential to become one of the foundational pillars of Web3. Because of its composable design, it could be used to create platforms I had been dreaming about for years, including to support creatives to share their work autonomously. (One idea I had was an online community dedicated to open sourcing every 3D thing possible, e.g

Since first learning about ENS early last year, I have been working continuously to understand everything I can about the platform and help in any way I can to improve and support ENS as a dedicated member of the community. I look forward to continuing this work and taking on new responsibilities as a steward of the Public Goods working group.


gm frENS :slight_smile:

Link to snapshot nomination: Snapshot

I’m looking forward to working with you all and ENS and our beautiful Web3 ecosystem in 2022, year of the DAO!

My preferred name is Ryan,
My ENS name is RyanCoordinator.eth,
My forum username is RyanCoordinator-pers,
And I’m excited to be a steward with ENS Public Goods working group!

I have already devoted my life and my career to advancing Public Goods, so joining the Public Goods Working Group here with ENS is a natural fit for me.

I got a taste for working in Public Goods at Gitcoin DAO last year setting up Moonshot Collective for success and structuring DAO operations. This year my focus is on setting up Developer DAO for success so we can develop Public Goods at a scale never seen before!

D_D (Developer DAO) is already an ENS delegate, and I’m looking forward expanding the work of our devs on ENS and ecosystem Public Goods projects. Training devs and building Public Goods is our D_D mission, as well as my personal mission, and I’m super proud to be able to serve our communities.

Joining the ENS Public Goods working group is a natural extension of my ecosystem work that will allow me to put my contacts and resources to good use serving ENS, our Web3 ecosystem, and global Public Goods. We can make the future brighter together. :slight_smile:

  • Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
  • Preferred Name: Victor
  • ENS name: victorstark.eth
  • Forum username: victorstark
  • Twitter (optional): @victorstark_eth
  • Why do you want to be a steward of this working group?
    I want to contribute to the success of ENS, and I identified Public Goods as the area that will allow me to have the strongest impact. Web3 can give sovereignity back to the people, and ENS will pave the way. Now a digital enterpreneur, I worked many years in the event industry as a CIO.

Hey all!

Today, I’m super excited to submit my nomination to help steward the public goods working group. A link to my Snapshot nomination can be found below.

A bit more quick info on me to start:

  • My preferred name is Scott
  • My ENS name is ceresstation.eth
  • My forum username is ceresstation
  • And my Twitter is @notscottmoore

In general, I’ve been a long time supporter of public goods in Ethereum and beyond. Among other things I’ve:

  • Actively participated in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2016 (and surprisingly, started a DAO project back then as well)
  • Co-founded Gitcoin which has funded over $50m in Ethereum public goods to date
  • Helped push forward one of the first Digital Public Goods Alliance communities of practice
  • Served as a volunteer committee member in a variety of community grants programs including Ethereum Foundation Grants
  • Helped provide guidance to a number of public goods projects throughout web3 including ENS DAO

But so beyond the credentials, why do I want to be part of the public goods working group?

I believe that the true potential of web3 is to completely change how we coordinate value, in particular around our digital infrastructure. In the metaverse as many are now calling it, our identities are a core piece of that infrastructure, and so we have to ensure we maintain their integrity collectively, and continue to evolve them in an interoperable way.

This doesn’t only mean funding goods within the ENS ecosystem. There are so many builders in the Ethereum ecosystem that have brought us to where we are today, and that will help us find a path to where we need to be tomorrow. Our task as a working group should be to identify those builders, and the mechanisms that we can use to sustainably fund them.

By helping to steward this workstream, I commit to helping us do that in a transparent, accountable way, alongside any and all ecosystem partners who want to help us on this journey.

Together, we can create a positive-sum world.

  • Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
  • Preferred Name: Alex
  • ENS name: moore-designs.eth
  • Forum username: Alex-moore2021
  • Twitter (optional): @moore-designs.eth
  • Why do you want to be a steward of this working group? It would be nice to look back someday and say “I helped build that” Ethereum has the ability to fix alot of systems that are broken. I want to be a part of building a better future. I have 15 years experience as a budget analyst and am now learning how to code in an effort to become a web3 developer. I’m not as technically skilled as many of the applicants but my passion for public goods has so far led me to building my first computer and completing around 100 hrs of coding tutorials so far. I’ve been eating sleeping and breathing ethereum for the past 8 months. Your vote is appreciated and I will not let you down.
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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m stoked to share that I’m a nominee for a steward of the Public Goods Working Group. As a newbie to web3, I’m still learning how to move through the different platforms. The Public Goods Working Group (PG WG) aligns best with my passion and skills. As an $ENS holder, I agree 100% with brantly.eth’s tweet, “you were not airdropped free money, you were airdropped responsibility.”

While I understand tech and its impact on society, I don’t write code. In the past, I served on grant-making committees that funded multiple non-profits organizations. Currently, I’m focused on organizational cultures, and the mental health and wealth of underestimated entrepreneurs and professionals.

As a steward of the PG WG, part of the work is to align with the main Working Groups Proposal: “Public Goods: amplifying ENS as a public good and funding public goods within the ENS ecosystem, and more broadly within web3”.

I intend to facilitate alignment and forward progress, help contributors in their zone of genius, and make sure we have diverse groups of contributors and projects that we fund.

My curiosity and empathy drive me to make a conscious effort to learn from people in the tech/web3 bubble and outside the tech bubble. I’m bringing my perspective while keeping in mind people like my cousin and brother who aren’t involved in any way with web3, blockchain, or crypto. Billions of people like them will be impacted by the ripples we create through the projects we fund.

Some of the questions that I’ve been thinking through are:

  • What are the cultural contexts and expectations of public goods in web3 compared to non-web3?
  • How can we increase diversity and inclusion in the ENS community and help define public goods for web3?
  • With ENS being more than just a domain name, what do public goods look like to make an exponential impact?
  • What are the ripple effects of the public goods projects we fund?
  • How can we uncover the real needs of humanity in terms of public goods?
  • What’s the state of the mental health of people working on public goods projects we fund? Burnout, anxiety, depression, and much more are impacting people at an increasing rate.
  • How can we evolve or redefine the meaning of public goods while not replicating the current challenges of funding public goods?
  • How can we ensure funding of projects is a catalyst for the viability of a project instead of a one-off funding event for the project?

I believe communities are part of the human experience. The community determines what public goods are. The challenge for web3 is that humanity isn’t fully represented in the web3 communities. As a result, the definition and funding of public goods projects may not fully reflect the diversity of society.

This Public Goods Working Group is an experiment in progress that includes success, ambiguity, and mistakes. In the current and historical sense, public goods haven’t been as inclusive as they could be. I intend to help ensure that the PG WG doesn’t fall into the same patterns of funding the popular projects that owe their popularity to marketing hype.

We have the opportunity to create a world (not a utopia) that’s inclusive as a foundation rather than an afterthought.

Fun facts: I dig traveling, finishing marathons, cooking, time with friends, throwing the discus, and learning about other cultures.


Snapshot Nomination
• Preferred Name: LogicBeach
• ENS Name: LogicBeach.eth
• Forum Username: Logic-Beach
• Twitter: @Logic_Beach

Simply, I am a user and supporter of many public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem, and this stewardship is a way to give back and help one grow!

My background and career are in science, which in its own right is an open source public good; part of my ethos is supporting publicly useful endeavors, so the Public Goods steward position seem the best fit for me.

I have experience with front-ends, basic smart contracts, and data analytics, but feel greatest strength is my ability to communicate well with folks from any technical or non-technical background. I would like to put this strength to good use and see ENS as a worthy project.

Plus, I certainly have 10+ hours a week that I could give to supporting ENS! I see ENS as an important component of the Ethereum ecosystem, so anything that I can do to help it grow would be very rewarding.



Snapshot Nomination
• Preferred Name: Sumedha
• ENS name: sumedha.eth
• Forum username: sumdesh
• Twitter (optional): @sumdesh
• Why do you want to be a steward of this working group?

Hi everyone, I’m Sumedha! I would love the opportunity to contribute to the ENS DAO as a public goods steward.

My background is in economics. I have worked across government, policy, and nonprofit jobs — in the last few years at the World Economic Forum working to help governments and international organizations like the World Bank and UN understand Web3’s potential. The concept of public goods is always on my mind.

In August I conducted research funded by the Ethereum Foundation (EF) on the state of public goods in the ecosystem. A public version of this research will be released in the coming weeks/months. I am particularly interested in ENS, it’s impact on digital identity, and the nature of ENS as a public good. I just started my PhD at Cambridge where I am focusing specifically on digital identity and how it is a critical piece of public infrastructure.

I would be honored to contribute to the Public Goods working group, and hopefully translate some lessons I’ve learned from the public sector (the good, bad, and ugly) to help move ENS forward.

Snapshot link
My preferred name is Norman
My ENS name is nhirsch.eth (I also have nrhirsch.eth)
Twitter name is nhirsch
My forum username is nrhirsch
I’m hoping to be a steward with ENS Public Goods working group!

I was early adopter of ENS from 2017. I was one of the first (if not the first) to send 0.0123 ETH from one name to another in Metamask. I remember it didn’t work when I first tried and then Nick made some change real time on the old name-registry forum and then bingo, it went thru.

I’m thinking I might be able to help make things easier for people to understand the various ENS happenings, DAO, votes, suggestions by dumbing things down for the average person to understand. I can do this because I have to learn it myself first and then am able to explain. For example this process alone is not something the average person can maneuver. Shouldn’t it be easier?

I have zero experience working with DAO but am willing to learn and then explain it for others.

I have owned a network security company for 32 years ( and consider myself a senior nerd which I think qualifies me to do what I’m suggesting which is making it easier for less technical people to understand and participate in the process…

Thanks for your consideration.

–Norman Hirsch