The Steward Nomination Window is open!

The Steward Nomination window is now open!

This is your chance to contribute to the ENS DAO, and play a crucial role in the coordination of working groups within the DAO. We expect all stewards to be contributors within working groups in some capacity. The role of steward is an additional role, with responsibilities beyond those of a contributor.

Please read this post for context about the steward nomination window and the upcoming steward election.

If you are interested in being a working group steward, please nominate yourself by following the instructions in the relevant working group category post:

To be included in the steward election next week, nominees must get 10k votes on Snapshot in support of their steward nomination.

Once you have nominated yourself to be a steward, please tag @ENS_DAO in a tweet announcing your nomination, so we can collate and retweet the nominees.

If you vote to support the nomination of a steward and tweet about it, please tag @ENS_DAO so we can retweet you!

Please note, in order to nominate yourself as a steward, you must have write-access to all of the categories in the governance forum. Please submit the Participant Request form if you require write-access.

Please respond with questions. If you are more comfortable in Discord, you can ask questions in the Steward Nominations thread.


I’m sure this is documented somewhere… but for other lazy people… is there only one steward per working group?

Hey @Griff

There are five stewards for each working group. In the first term, three stewards will be elected by the community. The remaining two stewards will be from the ENS core team, and selected by the team.

In order to be included in the steward election, community members must nominate themselves for the working group(s) they are interested in being a steward of, and get 10k votes in support of their nomination.

This week, until Jan 9, the steward nomination window is open.
Next week, the steward election will take place, and $ENS holders will vote on stewards in each working group.

I appreciate you asking the question.


@alisha.eth I appreciate your recommendation to nominate myself as a steward albeit I have been a member of for a mere twenty four hours. My ambition is to work vis a vis with the search engine for .eth and initially contribute specifically towards the manifestation of a world renowned, recognised and broader accepted brand name that will position ENS.Domains competing with the likes of the greatest search engines in the world Google and Yahoo.

To get to the point of why I am contacting you, is to ask which working group comes under the auspices of contributing to the development of the ENS search engine, and if successful in my nomination as a steward of this working group, my dream is to contribute to your formidable marketing division.

Although I really want to participate, my English is so bad that I can only communicate in the Chinese area. If you don’t mind, I think I can. Finally thank you

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