Term 2 - WG Budget & Initiative Requests

Term 2 - WG Budget & Initiative Requests

The Lead Stewards are requesting input from the community for ideas and initiatives to implement during the upcoming term. Please use this thread to provide ideas, suggestions or budget requests for consideration.

The ideas presented here will help lead stewards craft the Term 2 budgets.

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Please reply in the following format.

Target Working Group:
Supporting Docs/Links:
Amount Requested:
Description of Request/Idea:


Sample Reply

Target Working Group: Meta-Governance
Supporting Docs/Links: This is a sample link.
Amount Requested: 0-10k USDC
Description of Request/Idea: This is a sample response, but “I would like to see better tools to facilitate the RFP process - somewhere to post an active RFP, solicit responses, triage them, etc.”

  1. Target Working Group: Ecosystem
    Supporting Docs/Links: ENS DAO Blog Proposal; reference: Gitcoin Blog
    Amount Requested: 10,000 USDC
    Description of Request/Idea: Spearheading the creation of ENS DAO’s Blog, which will help to create shared perceptions and a more coherent, robust culture. The blog will consist of existing bi-weekly newsletter in addition to contributor highlights, community highlights (10k club, ENS Queens), and other relevant ENS Communities. The blog will also serve as the place for Delegates, Stewards, and Core Contributors to catch up with everything happening throughout the DAO (Protocol Development, DAO metrics, Market News, etc).

  2. Target Working Group: Ecosystem
    Supporting Docs/Links: ENS DAO Localization Management Proposal
    Amount Requested: 18,000 USDC
    Description of Request/Idea: Localization of ENS Learn Docs is important to the long-term sustainability of the ENS Protocol. It will help to educate non-native speakers of English how to register and utilize their ENS Domain to its maximum capacity. Translation of Learn Docs can also be used as source material to prepare for marketing, promotion and further branding of ENS in localized regions.

  3. Target Working Group: Meta-Governance
    Supporting Docs/Links: ENS DAO Education Task Force (this will be updated with a link shortly)
    Amount Requested: 10,000 USDC
    Description of Request/Idea: There needs to be a logical pathway and structure to onboard people on the space otherwise there is chaos and ENS integrations won’t be used very well. For those integrations, there need to be Learn Docs for all the major integrations, how .eth works with ENS, Metamask, etc.


How is the DAO deciding about funding for projects?

For example: What requirements would constitute proposing for funds through an a executable DAO wide vote verse requesting funds through a working group? I am unable to find guidance in DAO documentation. I am guessing that this essentially could be a project that requests funds through the meta-governance WG to get going?

I’m also seeing this post that @carlosdp has created. I feel like I wouldn’t know where to point myself or someone else if need be.

@Coltron.eth if you would like this moved elsewhere just give it a flag please.

Target Working Group: Ecosystem? (not totally sure as I think it was under Community previously)
Supporting Docs/Links: Conferences people are attending, first official DAO meetup
Amount Requested: I don’t know how much the NYC event cost, but the size and amenities of that location were great as a reference point for future meetups. It’s also worth considering that renting a venue in New York City is probably more expensive than in many other cities.
Description of Request/Idea: I really enjoyed attending the first official ENS DAO meetup in New York City, and would love more people to get the same opportunity in other cities!


I agree that the process isn’t as clear as it could be. I’m bullish on @carlosdp’s prop house and that we can make execution of funding more smart-contract based and less reliant on human oversight.

In the mean time, I’m working on a draft post for the MG group with a flowchart/decision-tree to better explain the current options.

It’s relevant, but let’s keep the rest of the replies on format. Feel free to start a thread if you want to discuss this.